how to pass pmp above target score akhilesh dubey

I passed my PMP exam with Above-Target score in all 5 domains. And in this post I would like to share my strategies for how to pass PMP exam with the best possible score.

Towards the end of this post you can also download the process mapping sheet I created for ready reference. This, I hope, will help PMP students.

My PMP Exam Result Report

pmp exam results report akhilesh dubey

PMP trigger

I am a post graduate in Project Management and I always had this urge to get a global certification on project management.

To be very honest, my desire to obtain PMP certification was motivated by my wife, who, after coming to know about my goal, began to movitate and push me to take time out and study for the PMP exam.

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My PMP study resources

I realized that there are way too many prep resources, and for a brief period this lead to a sense of overwhelm.

So I decided to keep it simple. I brought down my study resources to just 3 items –

Alright, the suspense is over!

We knew that the PMBOK 6th edition based exam is going to kick in soon.

pmbok 6 exam last date pmi

It was also clear that it would be better to get PMP certification before the new exam comes into force, for obvious reasons –

  • Anything NEW has uncertainty (along with the opportunity) about it. The new exam could have surprises in type of questions, level of difficulty in questions, and possibly even the scoring method.
  • Did you know that PMI changed the scoring scale from 3-point scale to 4-point scale recently?. Would there bye any other change with the new exam? Only time will tell.
  • If one were to be certain about passing the new exam, one should probably put more efforts that with the current exam, to ensure that nothing is left to chance.
  • The amount of training material will be quite limited with the new exam – this could be a good thing, or not-so-good thing – based on how you look at it.
  • To be reasonably certain about passing the new exam, expectations need to be understood – based on the experience of candidates that have taken the new exam. This would take some time, for the ‘dust to settle’, so to speak. Which means you’ll probably need to wait for 3-4 months after the new exam to know what to expect with some certainty.

Well, there are brighter side too with the new exam, most prominent of which is that – [click to continue…]


PMI has introduced a change to PMP scoring scale. This is significant in view of the upcoming PMBOK-6 based exam.

Let us see what exactly has changed.

You know that the following 5 Process Groups from PMBOK guide become Domains as far as exam is concerned. You are scored individually under each of these Domains.

PMI announced the date of PMBOK-6 based exam..

The question distribution across the 5 domains is as below –

There is a passing threshold for each of these Domains.

What was PMP scoring scale used so far?

There were just 3 scoring levels against which each PMP candidate is scored in each of the 5 Domains –

  • Proficient – indicates performance is above the average level of knowledge in this domain.
  • Moderately Proficient – indicates performance that is at the average level of knowledge in this domain.
  • Below Proficient – indicates performance is below the average level of knowledge in this domain.

Here’s an example –

pmbok PMP old rating scale example

Not anymore.

How does the new PMP scoring scale look like?

Instead of the 3-point rating scale now PMI uses 4-point rating scale.

PMI calls each of these points as ‘Performance Rating Category’.

They are as below – [click to continue…]

how to pass exam with 5 above target proficient score manojShiv, I’m extremely happy to tell you that I aced my PMP exam. I would like to share with PMESN community what I know about how to pass PMP exam with all 5 ‘Above Target’ score, because I just did exactly that.

There was no magic bullet, it was just well-planned approach with few smart techniques. I share all of that in this post.

Here’s my PMP exam report card

Manoj Ponnuswamy PMP Exam Report

The PMP Trigger

I had heard several managers speak highly about PMP and that it is one of the prestigious certifications. Although my initial trigger was the aim to increase my credibility with “PMP” against my name, I began loving the concepts and saw the potential it had to mould myself as a better project management professional. I could clearly see myself delivering successful projects with the knowledge from PMP exam and the project management experience I already had.

Thus my PMP journey began.

My Guide to how to pass PMP exam with all 5 ‘Above Target’ score

To be honest, I did not do anything new for this exam! Just customized the available plan from Shiv’s 4-week plan book (I actually got the ‘Ace Your PMP Exam’ series book, of which this book was already part of) to match my own schedule, that’s it.

Here is my overall PMP plan.

Step 1: Narrowed down to 4 study resources

a) PM Prepcast from Corneilus Fichtner – Watched twice. This made PMP study quite enjoyable.

b) PMBOK – I found it a bit dry to read. Therefore I skimmed through this book first time and the second time around I read in detail.

c) Shiv PMP concept notes (ACE Your PMP Exam) – 1st time I skimmed through it, 2nd time I read in detail, and the 3rd time I read it the day before my PMP exam.

d) Exam Simulator from OSP International – I took as many exams as possible (get this free but smaller version of the simulator if you want to test first. I found the paid version to be very useful in getting the result I got). [click to continue…]

pmp test prep fredy wappiShiv, I passed my PMP test on 16th August 2017 on my FIRST attempt.

My mantra was to practice on a daily basis and strive for continuous improvement.

I took about 5 months to prepare well for the exam.

My PMP Test Study Resources

I used 5 types of study resources – Study books, Exercise Books, Mobile Apps, Online blogs, and Mock tests.

PMP Study Books

After doing my research I chose the following 4 PMP prep books. The first one is purely for the ease of study, second one for breadth of content, third one based on a recommendation and fourth one is again for simplification.

  1. HeadFirst PMP
  2. Rita Mulcahy, 8th Edition
  3. PMP Exam Simplified Updated for 2016.Exam of Aileen Ellis
  4. PMP Certification All-in-one for dummies

PMP Exercise Books

My aim was to practice sample questions while I was studying the exam content. I decided to use simulators only after 2 rounds of complete PMP study is finished. I chose the following 3 books.

  1. PMP Examination Practice Questions, 3rd Edition – from APress
  2. PMP Exam Practice Test and Study Guide 9th Edition (I found this pretty close to the real exam)
  3. PMP Exam Prep Q-A of Christopher Scordo

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Mobile Apps

Mobile apps helped me a lot by saving a ton of time. I was able to study them whenever and wherever I could. Even a 30minute break I got from work or in any social engagement, I could fire one up and do a bit of study. I cannot stress enough how convenient the apps have been in my PMP preparation.

I chose Android based apps. You should be able to find them in iOS as well.

  1. PMP quiz App (Android)
  2. PMP quiz (Android)
  3. PMP Exam Mentor (Android)

Online reference material (blogs)

  1. Shiv Shenoy’s chapter-wise notes (Excellent resource for revising the chapters quickly)
  2. PMP Certification prep from Dummies site
  3. PMP prep material from Greycampus
  4. iZenbrudge PMP blog

PMP Simulators

PMP simulators helped me time the exam so I can practice not only the realistic questions but also practice to take the test within the stipulated 4 hours. I have selected most of the Free Simulators below –

[click to continue…]

pass pmp before pmbok6 kicks in-blog“How To Pass PMP Exam Before PMBOK-6 Kicks In” – this book was released a week ago – on 31st August – on Amazon.

In just couple of hours, the book was being downloaded – which was fantastic.

Today, this book hit #1 spot among ‘Amazon Hot New Releases’ in the PMP Exam Category of books on Amazon USA store (amazon.com)!

And the credit goes entirely to you! Thank you for making this happen.

This comes on the back of ‘PMP Smart Flashcards’ released last month – which uses the Spaced Repetition algorithm based study tool that optimizes study time and increases retention.

Here’s the snapshot –

pmp book in new releases number-1 pmp exam category

[click to continue…]