pmp lessons learned rahulThey say ‘Practice Makes Perfect’. It was so true for me in the context of PMP exam. The more mock tests I took the more confidence I gained to face the PMP exam.

Here’s my PMP Lessons Learned.

This was my first attempt at PMP exam and it took me about 7 months of preparation. I am specially thankful to my dad, whose constant encouragement and support helped me pass this exam.

rahul raj pmpI was looking for a structured approach to managing projects and when I came across PMP, I was sure this had to be my savior.

PMP Resource Used

I attended the class room training in Synergy business school to get a overall sense of PMP syllabus and to fulfil the requirement of 35-hour contact project management education.

Then I used the following study resources –

I did not use Rita Mulcahy book, I found that it did not fit my learning style.

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The study plan I used

I started for preparing the exam in the month of January. My aim was to take up the exam in one month, that is to complete the PMBOK by 15 days, take the mock exam on every weekend, and to take the PMP exam by 30 days. [click to continue…]

Helen Abigo is a MBA International Business from Orlando, Florida. She recently got her Project Management Professional (PMP) certification. This is a short account of how she went about it. – Shiv

build pmp confidence


I decided to get PMP certified because I was coordinating projects and felt that getting certified will give me a boost in my career.

I started studying 6 months ago, and began with PMP Prep course by Umer Waqar udemy.com

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Study material

I also studied Rita Mulcahy, I learned the process map like the back of my hand.

I used the PMBOK guide more as a reference book, and focused more on the changes in the new edition. I enrolled with Simplilearn 2 weeks boot camp to get my 35 contact hours and took the exam 1 week afterwards.

Next, I started practicing with 50 questions, then 100 questions.

1 week before the exam, I took 200 questions at a time to get used to sitting down for the whole test.

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The Exam

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pmp certified daya patilShiv, thank you for your support, emails, great tips, and the PMP prep books. I became PMP certified a few weeks ago with 2 ‘Proficient’ and 3 ‘Moderately Proficient’ score.

I would like to share some advice and study tips here based on my PMP prep experience, for the benefit of PMP aspirants.

It started in May 2017 when I decided to get PMP certified. I opted for one of the local training center and opted for weekend batch, which was for 2 weekends, May 13-14 and May 20-21.

My Study Approach

I come from a non-project management background, therefore everything was absolutely new for me.

I started with reading the book by Andy, and then shifted to Rita’s. But even after that I had feeling of incompleteness.

Thanks to Shiv, whose time to time guidance kept on showing me the right path, I started reading PMBOK and the books by Shiv, which I got online.

I completed PMBOK twice before giving mock exams.

Shiv’s mnemonics and formula guide are awesome ones to refer to. They helped me remember critical concepts and formulas without spending too much time, or effort to recall them.

The PMP exam Simulator helped me gain confidence. I learned to manage the 4 hours of exam time in an optimal way to answer all 200 questions ahead of time.

I prepared my own notes from all sources and referred to data flow diagram in PMBOK. The diagrams in PMBOK are the best, it clarifies the concepts.

I managed to get 47 processes in sequence, but ITTOs, I just understood them, did not mug up. [click to continue…]

pmp smart flashcards

In some of my recent communication I began asking people what they need to make their PMP® preparation easier.

PMBOK-6 based exam is round the corner and the mad rush for Prometric exam slots has begun. In view of this, it only makes sense for me to do everything possible to help people study faster, smarter, and with less stress.

Birken suggested, Flashcards.

Yes, using flashcards is a smart way of studying. We went a step further to make it even simpler and faster to study with Flashcards.

PMP Smart Flashcards.

Research has proven that a technique called Spaced Repetition – a way to repeat information with a frequency that is inversely proportional to the difficulty level – is a great way to push information into long term memory without taxing the brain. [click to continue…]

pmbok 6th edition While a lot has been written so far about PMBOK 6th edition, and NOW is the time you really should be bothering about it if you are planning for PMP exam in 2017 and beyond.

PMBOK 6th edition guide will be unveiled in little over a month from now, and PMP exam based on PMBOK-6 is just a couple of quarters away. You need to decide whether you want to rush in and take your PMP certification exam before the new exam kicks in. Or not.

This article helps you decide just that.

Here’s what you can expect in this 2-part series –

  • Understand why PMBOK is changing, what is wrong with PMBOK-5?
  • What exactly are the changes being introduced in PMBOK-6? New Process Groups, new Knowledge Areas, new processes?
  • When will PMBOK-6 based PMP exam come into play?
  • A mini-guide to help you decide whether you want to aim for PMBOK-5 based PMP exam or wait till PMBOK-6 based exam comes into play
  • If you wish to get your PMBOK-5 based PMP certification now, I give you the plan to do it in next 6 weeks or so and tips to avoid last minute rush at Prometric test center!
  • And if you decide to wait for PMBOK-6 based exam, I’ll share how to go about it.

Phew, that’s quite a mouthful.

But then I intend to make this guide the only source you’ll need this point onwards to get your PMP. So there is a lot of research that has gone into making this guide, and you can even download a PDF version of this guide at the end of this series.

There is lot of confusion in the minds of PMP aspirants with regards to PMBOK-6 based PMP exam and I am looking to get this guide to as many of them as possible. Help me in this please. Please take a second and share this article using one of the social buttons on the left side bar. Thank you!

With that said, grab your favorite drink (I got my hot cuppa hot Coffee!). Let us dive straight in. [click to continue…]

pmp exam changes 2017This is the concluding part of the 2-part series on PMBOK 6th Edition based PMP Guide. In the Part-1 of this series, we understood why PMBOK 6th edition is being introduced by PMI. We also saw, just for the kicks, how changes are introduced in PMBOK guide. Also we understood the exact PMP exam changes introduced in PMBOK, which are significant.

As promised, I will share in a bit the 6-week plan to go from ‘wanting to be a PMP’ to actually getting PMP certificate in hand!

Note: Download this entire guide for free as a PDF file at the end of this post.

Click to understand PMBOK 6th edition changes in a nutshell.

Now the million dollar question is,

When Will PMP Exam Changes Come Into Effect?

This is where your planning neurons would begin to fire connections like crazy.

Answer to this question will help you decide whether or not to take PMP exam now, or not. Let me tell you, if you want to take the exam now it is definitely possible to do it in next 4 to 6 weeks. And I’ll give you a plan in a bit.

But here is the important point you need to keep in mind.

PMBOK is only a guidelines document and not the 100% study resource convering all of the PMP exam syllabus. PMI recognizes this fact clearly.

But, but but.. if you are taking CAPM exam, then PMBOK would be your 100% study source.

Yes. This means you need to research and pick one or two other study resources, apart from PMBOK of course, to cover entire PMP syllabus.

Alright. When will you get to see the new PMBOK guide?

PMBOK 6th edition pdf is named as PMBOKGuideAgilePG.pdf (tells you the shift towards Agile) is available right now.
If you are a PMI member you can get the soft copy for free. If not, you can get your copy from here.

PMI says that the PMP exam based on PMBOK-6 will come into effect in Quarter-1 of 2018.

The EXACT date is  not announced at the time of writing this article, it can be any day between Jan-1 to March-31, 2018.

For now, for your planning, just consider the date to be Jan 1, 2018.

Watch this space to know the exact date on which new PMP exam will come into affect.

If you want PMP exam based on PMBOK-5, you need to take it before December 31, 2017.

“Why should I want to take PMP exam based on PMBOK-5 Now?”

Any change brings with it some amount of chaos.

You know that PMBOK is not 100% resource for PMP exam, but for the sake of reference let us say ‘PMBOK-6 based PMP exam’. So, PMP exam based off PMBOK-6 will bring with it uncertainty about nature of questions and difficulty of questions. The general passing percentage may take a nosedive.

It will take some time for the dust to get settled, before people that have taken the new exam will share their wisdom and you get a sense of what to expect in the new exam. Even Simulators would have questions representing the real exam questions.

This may take at least 3 months, if you wish to go into the exam hall with some certainty, say sometime in Q2 of 2018. That is roughly about 7-9 months from now.

But if you can’t wait that long,

  • or if you can’t wait to manage your project in a professional way,
  • or if you are looking to change your job,
  • or if you are looking for that promotion or raise in the upcoming appraisal,
  • or if you are simply thirsty for project management knowledge,

..and so need to get your PMP at the earliest, here’s a plan you can use! [click to continue…]