Shiv, I wish to share my PMP exam lessons learned for the benefit of PMP exam takers. You might be surprised to learn that PMP practice exams contributed to about 40% of my PMP knowledge. I have also shared few other ‘small adjustments’ that I discovered along the way, which have helped a great deal in my preparation for the exam.
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First, here are my..

PMP exam preparation resources

PMP Kasturi MurthyThese were my primary study resources, but I did not go studying them in the same order as above.

I would suggest not starting with PMBOK first – you may easily get overwhelmed. I chose to study PMBOM AFTER I read through other books – which made it easy for me to negotiate PMBOK. Plus, I found that this approach helped me learn most out of every PMP® concept. More on this in a bit.

My prep plan using PMP practice exams

This was my second attempt at PMP® exam.

After the first attempt, I analyzed the possible causes. I realized that could not clear first time mainly because I didn’t go through many PMP practice exams.

This made me vulnerable to all sorts of confusions during the exam, which quite frankly, I did not expect. So for the second attempt, I made few changes to my study approach.

First, I did not miss any ‘PMP Lessons Learned’ articles posted by successful PMP candidates. These articles, coupled with a lot of tips on PMESN really helped me come up with a plan that suited the focus I had to give for work, my need for travel, and the time I had to give to my family.

I allocated 1-2 hour of study 3 days in a week and 6-8 hours of study on weekends for two months. [click to continue…]

pmp exam day tips pmp exam prep

After long deliberation, you decided to take up PMP exam. You applied for the exam at, received their nod, went ahead with scheduling your exam with Prometric, collected your top study resources, prepared a study plan and schedule, hit your study milestones and now your PMP exam day is around the corner.

You are, understandably, bit nervous about the exam. After months (for some like me, years) of studying for the exam, you want to get everything right on the day of the exam and come out with flying colors.

Here are 9 tips, based on the exam experience of successful PMPs, that you can use to manage the ‘risks’ on the day of your PMP exam.

1. Get a good 8-hr of sleep the night before

It is important that you feel physically fresh during the exam. A tired body cannot host a relaxed mind. After all, you need to sit for 4 hours and answer question after question.

Even if you feel that you are not completed prepared, which most of us do, make sure you have a good night’s sleep.

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pmp prep experienceShiv, thank you for your support, emails, great tips, and the PMP prep books. I earned my PMP yesterday with 2 ‘Proficient’ and 3 ‘Moderately Proficient’ score.

I completed my exam in just 2.5 hours.

I would like to share some advice and study tips here based on my PMP prep experience, for the benefit of PMP aspirants.

pmp mostafa adel My preparation for the exam started way back in April 2016 with a course at my workplace, which ran for three days a week. I completed this course by June 2016. Due to many things, I couldn’t study the materials I got at the course.

I started studying afresh in September 2016 by –

  • Reading your Blueprint,
  • Watching videos on UDEMY for free,
  • Reading RITA, and
  • Solving questions provided by the UDEMY course.

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pmp exam experience murali pmpShiv, I passed my PMP exam recently, and here are a few myths I’d like to burst and also share few tips from my PMP exam experience.

Myth #1: PMP Exam is tough.

PMP exam is not as tough as most people perceive it to be.

pmp murali mohanPMP is identical to the quarterly exams during schooling – I did my schooling in India and I understand other countries have the mid-term exam after 6 months from the beginning of the academic year. Quarterly exams are conducted every 3 months. There are 7 subjects in all. And by the first quarter, we would complete 5 chapters in each subject. Isn’t it? That makes it 35 chapters in all. But, for PMP we have only 13 chapters!

Fact: The difference is the cost of PMP exam and that is where fear lies for many people. “If I failed I’ll lose $500+!”

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Myth #2: It is difficult to write an exam for 4 hours without break.

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pmp certification exam vigneshShiv, I feel very happy in letting you know that I cleared my PMP certification exam on February 16th !! I owe you a lot for this success and thanks for all your help and guidance which you gave me on this journey.

How it all began..

pmp vignesh kIt all started in September 2015 and even before becoming a PMP certified Project Manager I did the cost-benefit analysis. At that time I decided to do some certification and performed research on various options like CAPM, PMP, Prince 2, ITIL next level certification and so on.

Finally, I decided to proceed with PMP.

When I started I found the website of Edward Chung to be very useful to understand the prerequisite and syllabus etc. Then I was lucky to find PMESN website and immediately subscribed the daily emails explaining the various concepts. I have to say it was pure Project management explained in clear, plain English!! No ambiguity, no IITO, tedious calculations etc.

Though ITTOs, calculations are necessary for the exam, I feel for a beginner it is more important to just understand the concept in a simple way.

My chosen set of PMP certification exam study material

When it comes to the study-material, I decided it has to be Rita’s PMP book or HeadFirst PMP followed by PMBOK. [click to continue…]

pmp study tips jaclyn

I wanted to share my PMP Study method with you in case others found it helpful. I passed the PMP exam in January 2017 without using flashcards or doing an exhaustive brain dump at the beginning of the exam.

PMP Study Books

I took a prep course in January of 2016 but did not find the prep course materials very effective, so I decided to look into other prep books.

pmp jaclyn castello I used the following books during my prep:

My Study Approach

Due to a heavy work schedule, It took me three months of studying to feel ready for the exam. I used a 3-step approach to save time and get better understanding quickly – [click to continue…]