Announcing, PMP® ‘Smart Flashcards’, to Learn Faster & Better!

pmp smart flashcards

In some of my recent communication I began asking people what they need to make their PMP® preparation easier.

PMBOK-6 based exam is round the corner and the mad rush for Prometric exam slots has begun. In view of this, it only makes sense for me to do everything possible to help people study faster, smarter, and with less stress.

Birken suggested, Flashcards.

Yes, using flashcards is a smart way of studying. We went a step further to make it even simpler and faster to study with Flashcards.

PMP Smart Flashcards.

Research has proven that a technique called Spaced Repetition – a way to repeat information with a frequency that is inversely proportional to the difficulty level – is a great way to push information into long term memory without taxing the brain.

The simpler way of saying this is that if you study a difficult bit of information more frequently than an easy bit of information, you will remember it easier and longer. Basically, you optimize your study efforts.

‘PMP® Smart Flashcards’ is a set of over 528+ virtual flashcards that allow you to learn important PMP® terms using Spaced Repetition study technique. This will greatly reduce the amount of time you take to study for your PMP® exam, while making it easier to remember what you study.

This helps you study smarter and faster, instead of harder.

RELEASE DATE: 15 August 2017.

I’m aware that it is going to burn my backside to get this done by the release date, but I’m committed to make this happen, so it can help more people pass PMP® exam.

There are two ways to get this set of flashcards,

(search for ‘Smart Flashcards’ on these pages)

From here > http://bit.ly/smart-flashcards1


From here > http://bit.ly/smart-flashcards2


Shiv Shenoy
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Shiv Shenoy is a passionate blogger, Kindle best seller author, PMP coach, Online Business Specialist and Helps people generate passive income with part time effort.

Shiv loves to help start-ups build software products, PMP aspirants ace the exam and shine at work, and help individuals and SMEs get most out of their internet presence (read 'earn massive money' 🙂 ).

Shiv lives on the picturesque suburban Bangalore with his wife and two lovely kids and in his spare time he plays flute and paints.

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Shiv Shenoy
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