New Year Resolution: Pass PMP®? Here’s the Shortcut.

2016 came and went like a flash.

Do you remember how it felt welcoming the New Year a year ago?

I remember how I felt – in the first week of 2016 I sat and made a list of things to do during the year – not as resolutions, because I’ve been bad at keeping them.

Instead of resolutions, I made a list of TASKs.

This approach helped me achieve some of them in 2016. Some of them – honestly, I haven’t been able to complete all of the listed tasks in 2016, but the very act of creating tasks (not even ‘goals’) helped me achieve some of them.

This is a huge personal improvement over past years where I would make several resolutions on the new year’s eve.. and not achieve any of them.

Does this sound familiar?

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Tasks, when performed, will lead to results – these ‘results’ can be your ‘goals’. But ‘keeping a resolution’ or ‘achieving a goal’ seems a bit heavier compared to ‘performing a task’. Somehow a ‘task’ seems achievable.

Maybe because as project managers we are used to WBS, creating, listing, sequencing and ticking off tasks. Or, maybe because it is like a project – it has a beginning and an end and produces a result. 🙂

In the second half of December 2016 I did a similar exercise for the year 2017.

I wrote down a bunch of tasks to do in 2017, all distributed across few buckets. Each bucket, you can say, is a resolution in a particular area of my life – business, self-development, health, family, charity and so on. In the Health bucket I have written just 2 tasks, one of them is:

Join Yoga classes.

‘Join Yoga classes’ is not similar to ‘lose 10 pounds’ or ‘get leaner’ or ‘get inner peace’. It is simply that – join Yoga classes.

It’s a task.

When I do this task (assuming I put in honest efforts) I should see results.

I found it pretty easy to do. In fact, I didn’t wait for 2017 to arrive – I simply went ahead and joined a Yoga class that very same day. A few weeks later – now – I have already lost 6 pounds, I feel lighter and flexible. I am actually astonished at the results because I’ve always disliked any form of exercise or gym whenever I tried.

And having seen results now, do you think it would be easier for me to ‘keep this New Year resolution’?

I don’t have any plans to abandon this golden goose anytime soon. At this rate, I’m confident of losing 30 pounds by end of April-2017 (there, I gave away one of my ‘resolutions’ 🙂 )

But then I wondered, how was I able to do something that I struggled with for years, all of a sudden, so effortlessly?

Years ago I was prescribed simple Yoga postures for my back pain, and I was not able to do them consistently at home. And now in the Yoga classes, I was able to perform complex Yoga postures without much trouble!

After pondering over it the only logical explanation I could come up with for this transformation is that, because –

  1. I was guided by an expert Yoga teacher.
  2. I was doing it in a group setting. So there is external support, constant feedback and motivation to keep going and do well.

That made all the difference.

You may be wondering what has all this got to do with your PMP® certification.

What is your new year resolution? I mean, goal… or ‘task’?

If getting yourself PMP® certification is one of them, then I am glad you are reading thus far.

Because I’m about to show a way for you to do just that.

But first I want to introduce you to someone.

Meet Dan Ryan.

I heard about Dan sometime in the last quarter of 2016 and became interested in what he was doing. Dan has over 20 years experience in the IT Industry. He has taught Project Management and Risk Management courses at the Graduate level at Dowling College in New York.

Dan has delivered in-person and virtual PMP Exam prep classes since 2011 and has developed a global reputation as a leader in one-to-one and one-to-few PMP Exam Prep coaching and tutoring.

Dan has pioneered a unique, blended learning solution which although very structured can be easily configured to the needs of any PMP® aspirant, regardless of what point they are at on their journey to PMP® exam success.

In short, if you want PMP® coaching – Dan Ryan is your guy.

I was happy to see what Dan was doing because he was helping PMP® students pass their exam – something that I’m very passionate about.

Take a listen to his interview by Cornelius, where Dan explains his approach to coaching >>

When two of PMESN readers approached me for one-on-one PMP® coaching I found it extremely hard to turn it down. But I had to. I had to explain to them that my limited time managing 2 businesses and working with startups did not allow me the luxury of time for personal PMP coaching, although that is exactly what I absolutely relished doing during my last job.

I figured Dan can help them, and anyone else looking for help with PMP® preparation. My Yoga class’s first-hand experience only acted as a well-timed reminder that such personal coaching will ease the PMP journey further for anyone looking for a proven shortcut to PMP success.

During one of our Skype chats I asked Dan if he could help. Dan mentioned that he is starting the next PMP® coaching program from 15th of this month (yes, from upcoming Sunday). Well, I wanted to leverage our relationship for the benefit of PMESN community, so I asked him he is can ‘do something special for us’. 🙂

Dan was courteous. He flashed his infectious smile and agreed to offer an exclusive discount on his regular PMP coaching fee.

You can find more about Dan, and connect with him on LinkedIn here:

Here’s a little bit about Dan’s PMP coaching sessions –

  • This is a 5 Weeks of personal PMP® coaching (1 hour per week)
  • You’ll be provided with complete PMP Practice Videos & Workbooks
  • You’ll be given a Structured Curriculum and Study Checklist
  • You’ll have access to the entire set of training material for a period of 6 months

Due to the nature of coaching Dan is limiting this special PMP® coaching program to a max of 20 students. The classes will be held online on Sunday evening 8pm Eastern time starting 15th January, using an online meeting and collaboration tool.

I would encourage you to connect with Dan on LinkedIn and/or reach Dan at danryan-at-thepmtutor-dot-com ( and find out all that you need to know about this most sought after coaching program.

Ah yes, about the discount.

When you are on the order page, you’ll see a link that says, ‘Click here to enter your discount code’. Add the special discount coupon below and get $100 discount instantly.


My bonus to fast track your PMP prep

And to help you further, I will send you all 6 of the PMP® ‘Last Mile’ prep books (from here) to help supercharge your PMP study. This is $190.70 value.


There is more!

I’ll also send you the book I’m writing right now. I’ll be releasing this book later this week.

pmp exam mnemonics

If you have any questions about the program please feel free to reach Dan or me.

The coaching signup window closes on 15th January, or when 20 students enroll – whichever happens earlier.

So, if you are sitting on the fence, now is the best chance to jump in and grab your PMP® certificate.

And if you are gunning for that promotion in the upcoming appraisal discussion with your manager, this is probably the best way to ensure you have the PMP® credential under your belt by that time.

Simply perform the ‘task’ of signing up for the coaching and go with the flow… take one step at a time and you’ll soon have your PMP® certificate on hand.


Thanks for your time and taking action, I wish you super success in your PMP® quest.

With that I’m off to my Yoga class. 🙂



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