PMP Exam Preparation: ‘Last Mile’ Prep Resources to Skyrocket Your Chances of Passing PMP Exam

pmp lastmile booksPMP Exam preparation Books to Skyrocket Your Chances of Passing PMP Exam

Pass Your PMP Exam Before the PMBOK-6 Based Exam Kicks In!

Are you tired of not finding ‘all that is outside of PMBOK’ you need for your PMP exam?

Would you want to pass the PMP Exam as quickly as possible, with everything you need given to you at once?

Here are the resources to fast track your PMP exam preparation.

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All these PMP exam preparation resources come with my iron-clad 60-day money back guarantee.

I have taken all the care and efforts to make sure you get best of the knowledge required to ace your PMP, or CAPM exam.

Several hundreds of people have passed their PMP exam in the past few months alone, using these books.

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pmp last mile prep“Hi Shiv, Just thought I’ll let you know I passed my PMP exam yesterday and I had purchased your bundle of ebooks, which were quite helpful in my preparation.

I used the exam taking notes you mentioned and used the same strategy for exam coverage and it helped me save valuable time…

…Thanks Once Again!”
– David C, Toronto


PMP exam preparation book

pmp sample questions




During my PMP study I went through several forums, bought many question banks, and created my own questions – basically a huge collection of question bank – specific to PMBOK-5 (excluding PMBOK-4 based ones to avoid confusion was a huge task!)

From this collection of questions I have hand-picked 250 questions with varying degree of complexity, to represent a reasonably tough PMP exam scenario.

This, combined with the next book is a must-have exam resource to prepare for your real PMP exam.


PMP Questions ebooks100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

 PMP exam preparation book

sample pmp questions



Hand picked 338 PMP exam sample questions with varying degree of complexity, published exclusively for the benefit of PMESN community members on the Fb group.

Answer for each question is explained and PMBOK page reference for most of them are given so you can study further!

Gem of a resource to accompany your PMP exam preparation efforts as this helps you find gaps in your study so you can focus on them.


PMP Questions ebooks100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

PMP exam preparation book

PMP formula guide




With luck you may get 15-30 formula based questions in the exam.

Some of the formulas that may appear on PMP exam are not available in PMBOK. They are to be sourced from different books. Without knowing which books to get these from what is the easiest way to study them all?

‘The Complete PMP Formula Guide’ book solves the problem for you.

All the formulas are explained with contextual background (so you understand them easily), and applied to multiple sample PMP questions (so you learn how to apply these formulas to an exam question and solve it).

“Hi Shiv,

I cleared the exam today with all 5 ‘Proficient’ score. Thanks for your formula guide – it worked really well for me.”

Arun Kumar Pasuparthi


The Complete PMP Formula Guide100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!




Mind map is one of the best tools that eases study efforts for not only PMP but any exam you’re gunning for.

Understanding how to create effective Mind maps will help you –

  • prepare your study plan
  • get high level picture of each of Process Groups and Knowledge Areas
  • map complex PMP concepts such as Earned Value Management, Contract types, Cost Forecasting, Types of OPAs & EEFs, causes for change requests and so onpmp mindmaps
  • understand Tools and Techniques of critical processes such as components of Staff Management Plan, Team management techniques and so on
  • map and understand critical ITTOs such as those for Human Resource management
  • map and understand sequences between processes along KAs to answer some of the ‘What-comes-next’ type of PMP questions

Make it a habit to learn to create and use mind maps – this is a valuable tool at work as well – for presentation, ideation, brain-storming, and not to miss – impress your boss. 🙂

The book also shows some neat (did I say Free) mind mapping tools you can use on your PC or Mac.


How to Create Effective Mindmaps100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!PMP exam preparation book



On the exam, managing your time is everything. When you have to solve 200 questions in 4hrs, it gives you little over a minute 10 sec per question. That’s all. Moreover, if you took a break for water or rest-room the clock does not stop.

Research has proven that human mind cannot focus for more than 45 mins at a time on a particular subject. How do you manage to retain concentration for 240 minutes in PMP exam? One secret is to take a break after every 40-45 mins – but this means wasted time that you could use to answer 15-18 more questions.

The solution is to reduce time spent on each question!

This strategy lets you afford few minutes of relaxation break every 45 mins, freshen up your mind, relax your body and get into the right state of mind to attack next set of questions. This increases your chances of acing the exam well within 4hrs (I wish someone could’ve told me this trick during my exam).

Did you know that there are at least 14 TYPES of PMP questions?

Imagine identifying the question type by just looking at a question and then applying a specific strategy to answer it in seconds. This helps you accumulate precious minutes on the exam. You get more questions answered, more answers right, and feel more confident knowing that you have time on your side to answer difficult questions as you go along the exam.

This is one of the most popular PMP exam preparation books.pmp question types

With ‘The Super Guide To PMP Question Types’ you’ll get most out of your study efforts when it matters the most – during the exam.

  • Did you know that each question can be traced to a ‘type’ or ‘category’ and can be addressed slightly differently (than just reading through it) in order to answer it in shortest possible time?
  • This book teaches you 14 different types of PMP questions, the way to handle them, and few sample exam questions to help you understand how to identify these questions.
  • I also reveal a strategy for answer more questions right upfront in the exam, and increase chances of your success.

You don’t want to miss this book!

PMP testimonial “Hello Shiv, Many thanks for your free materials I got as a bonus for buying the pm prepcast through your blog, and also for the various explanation to the ‘boring’ PMBOK… … Its so great to be on this other side of the divide…I’m glad I passed on first try and I am extremely grateful to you. Especially for that your book on PMP exam [question] types.”

Funmilola James


Super Guide to PMP Question Types100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
pmp flashcards

Using Flashcards is a smart way of studying. With ‘PMP Smart Flashcards’, you study smarter.

Recent research has proven that a technique called Spaced Repetition – a way to repeat information with a frequency that is inversely proportional to the difficulty level – is a great way to push information into long term memory without taxing the brain.

The simpler way of saying this is that if you study difficult bit of information more frequently than easy bit of information, you will remember it easier and longer.

‘PMP Smart Flashcards’ is a set of over 620+ virtual flashcards that allow you to learn important PMP terms using Spaced Repetition study technique. This will greatly reduce the amount of time you take to study for your PMP exam.

Let us study smarter and faster, instead of harder.

Note – I will send you this if you have purchased the bundle after 25 July 2017!

Super Guide to PMP Question Types100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!


Managing projects as we know is not limited to having the domain knowledge and project management knowledge. It is about knowing the best practices followed by successful project managers and emulating the same at work.

This book is a collection of corporate wisdom that has been exhibited by successful people and is available for us to use in our own experience. I have done exactly the same – studying successful people and trying to model their behavior that lead to their success.

These straight-to-the-point guide covers topics such as –how to become star project manager

  • How to find your real career objective under 10 minutes
  • How to prepare for a project management interview and how to ace it
  • How to excel at work and substantially increase your chances of getting promoted at work (many project managers don’t even know some of these techniques)
  • Understanding and looking for the symptoms that indicate whether your project might be shut down
  • Effective and practical techniques to manage time well at work
  • How to get into the ‘flow’ and accomplish most by being highly productive
  • What are the things you must avoid saying at work at any cost
  • How to understand and build relationship with an introvert boss
  • 4 crucial and mostly overlooked characteristics of of an effective project manager
  • How to have most productive meetings and show you respect your and others’ time
  • How to induce humor at work and increase productivity of your team
  • Proven ways of managing conflicts on project
  • and much more…

This 117 page book is a collection of 26 posts that cover various tips, techniques and methods of being a very successful project manager. This is a must-have career guidance book for any project manager!



How To Become a Star Project Manager

PMP EXAM MNEMONICS – Brain-Friendly Techniques to Remember Critical Concepts With Ease

pmp exam mnemonics brain friendly

pmp mnemonics ralf maier“Just wanted to let you know I went over your book and find it very well written.
You make things easy to understand and I’m reminded of the techniques of “good” trainers to ease things up while going through, often very dry, topics!”

Ralf Maier, PMP

capm prep tips mandee

“I believe this is an asset to anyone who is undertaking the PMP or CAPM exam or even a person who wants to brush up on the Project Management [concepts].

This book is well crafted, each knowledge area is broken down very simply, the material presented is suitable for study purposes and mnemonics provided are easy to remember as intended.

-Mandalee Mason, CAPM

Value: $24.95

PMP exam preparation books bundle discount

These PMP exam preparation books are complementary to any PMP Study resource you may have chosen and contribute a great deal for you PMP exam preparation.

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  5. The Super Guide to PMP Question Types: Retail price $47.95
  6. How To Become a Star Project Manager: Retail price $24.95
  7. PMP EXAM MNEMONICS – Brain-Friendly Techniques to Remember Critical Concepts With Ease: Retail price $24.95

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passpmp exam kindle ebook

Update: New book added to the seriesPMP Exam Cheat Sheet: Your 15 Minute Revision Guide

pmp cheatsheet

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dave lorenzo pmp book testimonialShiv, I just want to send a note of Thanks, for the support and advice as I sought to acquire my certification.
I passed the exam on my second attempt, yesterday, March 6, 2016, while achieving a “Proficient”, in all five domains.
Your book was a key ingredient in my success.
The process and battle to study and successfully learn the material—not rote memorization, but to truly UNDERSTAND it—was challenging. However, the test-taking skills and tips in your book were nothing short of phenomenal; they made all the difference.

– Dave Lorenzo, US

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pmp lastmile books

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A word from Shiv

shiv shenoyI am committed to help you all the way till you ace your PMP Exam, as experienced by thousands of people around the world till date. All the study resources on this blog, including these popular PMP exam preparation books are created with this commitment.

Once PMI introduces PMBOK-6 based exam, it becomes harder to pass it till we understand the nuances of the new syllabus. Therefore, I urge you to take this opportunity and pass your PMP exam as soon as possible.

If you have any feedback about these books or PMP Study Blueprint email course or content on this blog, please write to me at shiv-at-pmexamsmartnotes-dot-com

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