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Goutam Chakraborty, PMP – Use My List of PMP FREE Questions

Hi Shiv,
I completed my PMP exam successfully yesterday. You correctly mentioned in one discussion in your blog – Practice Makes Perfect (acronym is ‘PMP’!). Here’s why.

My PMP preparation

In my preparation phase I went through nearly 15 full length mock tests and more than 5000 questions before appearing in the final exam.

Ipmp free questions mainly followed PMP Exam Prep, Eight Edition by Rita Mulcahy. But have done some chapter specific Q&A from some other books like Head First PMP, Velociteach – The PMP Exam How to Pass on Your First Try.

For practice I used PM FasTrack simulator published by RMC and real exam questions were more aligned with the type of questions available here.

I have gone through Oliver Lehmann‘s 75 and 175 paper and android simulator also for practice. Oliver Lehmann’s website mentions link of lot of free practice tests which one can follow.

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Craig Becker, PMP – Meticulous planning and some Shakeology Shake for PMP

Thanks for everything Shiv. Here is a Lessons Learned that I put together. I also submitted this to the PM PrepCast Forum. I’m hoping it gets picked up for one of Cornelius’ emails.

PMP Exam Lessons Learnedpmp-CraigBecker

  1. I started the PMP Certification Process in March of 2015. I first read the PMBOK guide cover-to-cover. I immediately noticed the importance of Table 3-1 in the PMBOK guide and decided to memorize this information by writing it down multiple times and then reviewing it 3-5 times a week by writing it down from memory. This was very valuable throughout my studies.
  2. I purchased the PM PrepCast and PMP Exam Simulator as a package. I looked around and found this as the most affordable and highest rated product on the market.
  3. I Listened to each of the introduction lessons of the PM PrepCast. After about 5 lessons, I realized that I could speed the podcast up to 1.5 times and still keep up with Cornelius. His presentation of the information is excellent.

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Gopalaswamy Pathangi, PMP – PMP without mugging up ITTOs!

Happy to share with you all that I have cleared my PMP exam on August 28th morning. It was a 1.5+ years of journey to reach here. Someone gave me the spark 5 years back to do PMP. But I was not confident at that time. But, it was lying in my subconscious mind for few years until 2014 when I picked up the PMBOK again (this time version 5) and attempted to read.

pmp lessons learned GopalI was overwhelmed with the amount of materials available online and each one sharing their experience on their wonderful journey. But I decided to pick and choose that which was fitting into my life and my reading abilities. You will have to figure this out yourself. What may work for someone may not work for you.

My PMP approach

I took solid 3 months for one reading of PMBOK. Was able to read only few pages due to lack of concentration. It was a sure cure for my insomnia during my first reading :-).

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Shilpa Movva, PMP – Practice as many PMP sample questions as you can!

Hey Shiv,
I am glad to announce that I cleared the PMP on first attempt today. Thanks for sharing the materials and brain dump sheet. They were of great help.

Here pmp-lessons-learned-shilpa-movvaare my PMP lessons learned..

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Mark Crowe, PMP – 3P for PMP Success: Preparation, Practice & Patience

I just wanted to follow up and let you know I passed the PMP Exam Friday, 9/11.  I have to tell you and your subscribers of my experience and hope that my experience helps encourage and strengthen those that may feel they just can’t do it!

My PMP Preparation

 pmp-lessons-learned-mark-croweI was a little worried that I might have to reschedule my 8:00am exam as the testing center had technical difficulties that delayed me for over an hour!  Talk about a nail-biter!  To calm my nerves, I went back to my car and studied during the wait.
Once I was allowed into my cubicle, I took every minute of the 15 minute review time to brain dump.  It was worth every second to write down areas that I may not be able to recall quickly.

Sashidhar P – PMP in 3 months possible!

I have been preparing for PMP for 3 months. During this span of 3 months, there are many lessons learned which others might take to follow them and few lessons should learning’s from mistakes.

My things to do –

  1. pmp sashidharHave a plan which is progressively elaborated.
  2. Do research on exam patterns and study guides.
  3. Register to PMI.
  4. Read code of ethics.
  5. One full reading of PMBOK.
  6. Analyze gaps, revise your plan created in step#1.
  7. Sign up for blogs/forums like PMSEN and take 2nd reading of PMBOK.
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Lorinda Bridegroom, PMP – Starbucks was my motivation for PMP exam!

I got caught in the change over from PMBOK edition 4 to edition 5. I started out my PMP journey with a local weekly evening class as 4th edition was retiring – it was an overwhelming experience (we did not do it that way at work). During my 2 1/2 year journey I changed work assignments three times – looking for a mature PMO using PMI standards.

Study materials I used

Thankful for postings by Jerome Rowley – he made redacted the entire 5th edition in manner that spoke to me – helped me climb out of deep dark hole.

Cornelius and Rita plus others helped me fail my way to success! I utilized mock exams in small chucks – question of day, up to groups of 25 on a daily basis – took apart the correct answers regardless if I got it right or wrong.
I also utilized different methods of learning – reading the PMBOK, videos and audio.

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Ayman Haidar, PMP – Don’t leave gap between study and exam date

Hello PMP Aspirants,

I am very happy to share with you that I have passed my PMP exam on 20/8 05:00 PM! And boy it was a moment!!. I scored Proficient in Initiating, Planning, and Monitoring & Controlling. Moderately Proficient in Executing & closing.

PMP- PMESN Ayman HaidarI will walk you through my experience and share my PMP lessons learned, what resources I selected and then how I used them.

My PMP Study resources

I have selected and stuck to multiple resources from the abundant resources available around. This is very important. Otherwise, you’ll waste your time switching between resources every now and then. Furthermore, what you need to do is to look at each resource and assess if this resource’s contents fits your needs & learning style.

1. PMP PMBOK guide 5th Edition, obviously! I joined PMI as a member & acquired my licensed PMBOK copy.

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