PMP Lessons Learned


Here’s my journey from initial decision to take up PMP exam to passing it successfully, and few PMP exam tips that I hope will help any PMP aspirant.

I’d like to say that I am one of those that have passed the exam on the second try. I will tell you what went wrong and why I have to sit for the 200Q/4-hr trip a second time. This may help you avoid some of the mistakes yourselves.

The beginning

I learned about PMP the very first time from many PMP credential holders in my company. In 2014 my company offered us an internal certification program which all employees with a specific job role needed to take up. As I had done few projects in the past already (e.g. retrofits, SW updates/upgrades) after passing this internal certification successfully I came in touch with the PMBOK the first time. I began reading – but to be honest it also started to be a bit boring.

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PMP Preparation: Begin by Scheduling Your Exam Date: Jim Bongiovanni, PMP

Here’s my PMP preparation experience and few points of advice.

jim pmp prepI registered for the exam before I actually started studying to ensure that I would stick to my plan and that I would not get sidetracked. I gave myself just over 90 days to prepare.

PMP Preparation

Before I registered for the exam and began studying I spent a couple of weeks doing research on which exam prep resources were recommended by those who had already taken and passed the exam.

Eventually, I settled on the below resources:

  1. PMP® Exam Online Self-Study Program with Aileen Ellis
  2. PMP® Exam Simplified by Aileen Ellis
  3. Head First PMP by Jennifer Greene and Andrew Stellman

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My PMP Study Plan: Negotiating the Concept of Just-in-Time! – Visuvanathan K, PMP

I passed my PMP exam successfully on 24th Jan 2017 at Paris with 2Ps and 3 MPs. Here’s my PMP study plan and some of the valuable lessons that I learned, and I hope this article will ease your PMP journey a bit.

pmp study plan by VisuI would like to take this opportunity to thank all my well-wishers who supported me on this wonderful journey towards PMP certification.

With a lot of personal priorities, I hadfinally decided to have my certification completed by 2016. In fact, I did my 35 hr boot camp with PMGS in the beginning of Jan 2016 itself.

I took it as a challenge to achieve this milestone at least before Feb 2017. Your PMP application once validated allows you to take your exam within 1year from the time it has been accepted and validated for taking exams. You have 3 trials to clear the exam.

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