‘PMP Question of the day’ Contest Winners for January 2014

Jan-2014 winner 'PMP Question Of The Day' contestPMP Question Of The Day‘ contest on Facebook community completed two months as of end of January.

The winner of this contest for January 2014 is….. Asmara Rahat!
This is a consecutive win for her. Congratulations!

Correct answers tally looks like this –

  • Asmara Rahat – 13
  • Shaik Abdul – 6
  • Maurice R Dueman – 5
  • Manikya Rao – 3
  • Alan Douglas, Sharad Kanthi, Faisal Shahzad – 1 each

Congratulations to all participants, way to go!
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Expect tougher questions this month. šŸ™‚

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