PM PrepCast Review, Discount Coupon [Gift Certificate] Free Bonuses : January 2018

PM PrepCast & PMP Simulator Review

Pass Your PMP® Exam Before PMBOK-6 Rolls In!

“On an average Project Managers with PMP® earn 20% more than peers that do not have PMP® certification.”
– Latest Salary Survey conducted by

PMPrepCast SimulatorIf you invest in PM PrepCast for PMBOK-5 and don’t take (or pass) the PMP® exam before PMBOK-6 based exam kicks in, you don’t worry, you would be eligible for the upgraded content. Just hit ‘reply’ to your purchase email and ask for it! Same holds true for PMP® Exam Simulator as well.

When I decided to (finally) start my preparations for PMP® exam, I researched on the internet for a good video course. I knew that a video course would cut down my preparation time at least by 40-45% as I had seen in case of various certification courses I had taken over the past decade.

While there were many, I shortlisted SimpliLearn and PM PrepCast. While SimpliLearn PMP course came across as a good one, I decided to go for PM PrepCast for multiple reasons – which are included in the review below.

This review is based on my first hand experience with PM PrepCast and PMP® Exam Simulator by Cornelius Fichtner.

I used these products and passed my PMP® exam, getting the highest level – ‘Proficient’ in top three – Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling process groups. Before we move forward I want to let you know one thing.

The fact that I am writing this review means I recommend PM PrepCast & PMBOK-5 Based PMP® Exam Simulator. However, I have tried to keep this review as objective as possible, and I believe that the facts presented here will help you make your own decision.

“Shiv, thanks a lot for your support… Passed My PMP exam yesterday on my First attempt Thank you..  You’ve shown the correct path to reach PMP.. I have used PM PrepCast and your amazing notes. I would recommend your notes and PM PrepCast to everyone.” – Mariappan B

Hundreds of my students have discovered that the combination of PMBOK + Free PMP® Study Blueprint + these products + my PMP® Prep books & posts on this blog have enormously increased their chances of acing PMP® under 5-6 weeks.

By the way, if you already are aware of the value of these products and have decided to invest in, I invite you to jump directly to the Bonus section below ($334.85 value).

Watch this space for PM PrepCast discount, in addition to the bonuses below!

These validated discounts are withdrawn from time to time. Once gone they may not be available for few months, hence please take advantage of the offers while you can now.

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This product gives you 35 Contact Hours Certificate – a mandatory requirement by PMI®, and 9 full-length 4hr mock tests (1800 PMBOK-5 based questions).

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Note: For a limited time I am even throwing in “The Complete ‘Ace Your PMP® Exam’ Series: Essential PMP® Concepts Simplified” Kindle series book for free! More details in the Bonus section below.

This product gives you 35 Contact Hours Certificate – mandatory requirement by PMI®.

Offer #3: Get PMP® Simulator & Grab Free PMP Prep Books + Exam Strategy Session

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Offer #5: Need PDUs? Get Agile PrepCast now.

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Review of PMPrepCast: Study on the go!
Positive points
Areas for Improvement
Review of PMP Exam Simulator: Get a feel of the REAL exam!
Special Bonus For PMESN Readers
How to Claim your Bonuses

PM PrepCast Review (Updated Jan-2018): Study on the go!

Most of us are hassled with juggling PMP® preparations along with demanding day job. And majority would work for 10-12 hrs a day (especially if you are in demanding industry like software) leaving very less time for study.

Once we decide to make a difference to our career and take up PMP® preparation, what makes it worse is the effort needed to keep up the momentum. College days were a different story (most of us could afford to spend all of our time on studies) but working and studying makes it difficult. And if you are married with kid(s) it takes it to altogether different level of difficulty. This was the situation I was in when I took up my PMP® exam. 🙂

No wonder I procrastinated for close to 3 years before finally taking up the exam. But not before I successfully found a resource that helped turbocharge my exam preparations.

Passing PMP® or CAPM® exam is Simple but not Easy. You need to understand of what is involved & how to go about the exam, and professional guidance, expert teaching, community support, individual coaching – all of which are available in this ecosystem called PMESN.

Most of us love to study using videos (we love movies, that is, moving pictures + story). Research also shows that videos help us understand, remember and recall information much easily.

A study commissioned by Cisco found that adding visuals to verbal (text or auditory) learning can result in significant gains in basic and higher order learning. Naturally, when I came across PM PrepCast I was quite elated.

Positive points

   1. You Get 35 Contact Hour Education Requirement of PMI®

This was a quite important benefit for me. Cornelius is a PMI® certified REP (Registered Education Provider) and is authorized to award this certificate. In about 14 days from day of purchase (it is assumed that one will be able to go through all of the content by this time) you can take up a simple 25 question exam on web and if you clear (pass at least 16 questions) you will get your certificate.

Here’s a video where Cornelius explains how to attend the simple test and get 35 contact hour certificate –

If you are not able to clear it, no worries – you can take as many attempts as required to pass this exam. This certificate will be useful while applying for PMP® exam on

   2. Course Content

Cornelius Fichtner is an accomplished project manager and educator. The content is mostly presentation driven and explained with very pertinent pictures and images. This helps us understand information and recall it quickly. Each lesson is a small video of about 20-30 minutes so it is easy to digest and can fit in even one hour of PMP study time.

Here are the modules/content snapshot:

  • Student Workbook
  • Tutorials  
  • The PMP Exam (overview)
  • The Final Exam (planning)
  • Pre Course Self-Assessment
  • Introduction & Project Management Basics (14 lessons + self assessment)
  • Project Influences and Life Cycle (6 lessons)
  • Processes, Process Groups & Knowledge Areas (3 lessons)
  • Project Integration Management (9 lessons + self assessment)
  • Project Scope Management (9 lessons + self assessment)
  • Project Time Management (15 lessons + self assessment)
  • Project Cost Management (12 lessons + self assessment)
  • Project Quality Management (8 lessons + self assessment)
  • Project Human Resource Management (10 lessons + self assessment)
  • Project Communications Management (7 lessons + self assessment)
  • Project Risk Management (11 lessons + self assessment)
  • Project Procurement Management (12 lessons + self assessment)
  • Project Stakeholder Management (6 lessons + self assessment)
  • Expert Interviews (8 lessons)
  • Interviews with Successful Exam Takers (5 interviews)
  • Agile Project Management (3 lessons)
  • Code of Ethics (2 lessons)
  • PMP Examination Content Outline (6 lessons)
  • Applied Concepts (12 lessons)

Tip – You can use the Episode Directory for your study planning, and to set daily/weekly study goals, to cover certain number of episodes. This helps you set a plan for entire syllabus coverage. This was a tremendous help for me.

   3. Content Delivery

Cornelius has a great voice and intonation. And of course his impeccable sense of humor. His presentation style is unique and it feels as if he is talking to us directly. Entire course is recorded in studio settings giving you crystal clear voice quality.

This is an essential part of an educational product. On a lighter note, his lesson ending comments are quite hilarious at times.

   4. Depth and Coverage & Awesome Bonuses by Cornelius

PM PrepCast by no means is a replacement for PMBOK® book. No resource can be a replacement for PMBOK®, actually. Having said this it is a good complement. It covers the right amount of depth on all concepts required to cover PMP® syllabus.

If you are following my PMP® Study Blueprint, there I recommend an approach of going through the book (for each knowledge area I send), then PMBOK® chapter and PM PrepCast video, in order to understand topic and cement the understanding. PM PrepCast has over 170 study resources.

The PM PrepCast comes with over 50 hours of video and audio PMP® Exam preparation material. Cornelius throws in a bunch of bonuses as well!

  • Bonus 1: Certificate for 35 Contact Hours
  • Bonus 2: 300 PMP® sample questions for self-assessment
  • Bonus 3: Learn from the Experts – Email Course
  • Bonus 4: The PMP®/CAPM® Exam Study Checklist
  • Bonus 5: Access to Exam Discussion Forums
  • Bonus 6: Instant subscription to the PMP® Exam Tips newsletter

   5. Industry Acceptance

More than 31,562 people (and counting!) have used PM PrepCast to pass PMP®/CAPM® exam so far, making it one of the most popular and accepted PMP® preparation Video course on the internet.

   6. Learn on the Move

Of course, this being a podcast/screencast you can even listen to it while you are waiting for your train/plane/someone, commuting to office (not while you are driving :), and even during lunch break. The episodes are small so even if you get 15-20 mins you can go through one episode.

If you spent 30 minutes during morning walk, another 30 minutes during commute to work, another 30 during lunch break and 30 minutes before hitting bed – you’ve invested in 2 hours of study without really ‘taking time out of busy schedule to study’.

This is truly a powerful shaking-the-jar kind of method to fit PMP® study in your busy schedule.

   7. The Price

When I was looking around the web for a good PMP preparatory product, I come across PMP courses from few hundred to few thousand dollars. Even if you looked purely from price point perspective PM PrepCast would be a winner. At a mere $179.99 for life time access it is a hands-down winner.

Compare some of them here –

pmprepcast price comparison

   8. Unlimited access

Many online courses give access for a limited time. But PM PrepCast has unlimited access, which means one can use this to refresh the knowledge from time to time without investing more money.

   9. Cornelius Fichtner

Being a self-confessed educator I fell in love with the teaching style of Cornelius the first time I watched one of his videos. There is a feel of reassurance in his voice. His command over the language and ability to simplify the complex subject and style of delivery with an infused dose humor is a treat to watch.

Well, if I have raised this point more than once here, you know why now. 🙂

   10. OSP Intl (Makers of PM PrepCast) is Recognized by PMI®

For any PMP® course a seal of quality is recognition by as REP (Registered Education Provider). It is not easy to get this accredition. The course material is scrutinized by PMI® and certified. This further needs to be re-certified regularly to maintain the high level of quality.

OSP International, the organization behind PM PrepCast is a PMI® certified Registered Education Provider. No wonder PM PrepCast is of such high quality.

   11. No-questions-asked money back guarantee

You get life time access to this product. However, if you are not happy with the product for any reason you have 90-day money back guarantee, making this a totally risk-free investment.

Quick Inside Access

If you are as cautious a person as I am, you would like to first watch couple of videos to assess by yourself. Here are few real episodes from the PrepCast.

35 Contact Hours

Project Integration Management Overview

Finding the best answers to exam questions

Click for more information about PM PrepCast

Note – My primary goal with this blog is to help you prepare well and pass PMP® exam with least amount of time and effort, while enjoying the study process itself. Therefore, here’s what I do – even if you don’t like the product for some reason and you return it to get full money back, you can please keep my bonuses! (just make sure you purchase by clicking the link on this page in order to receive my bonus books) 🙂

Areas for improvement

No product is perfect, and here are few areas that I think could have been improved.

   1. Download Speed

I personally think that download speed could have been better but then there is an alternative available. You can either watch in iTunes or download and view in your favorite player. I preferred latter option so I don’t need to install iTunes, I could watch videos on ANY device, and also I can change playback speed to suit my needs. If you prefer iTunes you can follow instructions emailed you soon after you buy PM PrepCast .

If not what you can do is this –

a. Install a download software (‘Free Download Manager’ works great). Benefit of this is that you can continue partial download even if your internet connection goes down during download. This can save you on wasted time and bandwidth.

b. Select a bunch of videos to download from PM PrepCast dashboard web page and set up them up in the download software to download in the background. Or, you can select all the files for download in the evening and let it download during night.

   2. Presentation pace

When it comes to delivery I personally prefer a bit of fast paced delivery, as it helps me understand overall picture faster. I found the presentation pace of PM PrepCast a bit on the slower side.

If you too prefer a faster pace, not to worry, there is an solution available!

a. Install VLC Media Player if you don’t already have one.

b. Play your PM PrepCast video in VLC payer, go to Playback > Speed menu option and select a speed that is convenient for your speed of comprehension.

This will save you ton of time, especially when you have to go through them multiple times for revision.

pmprepcast review

   3. Contextual examples could’ve been better

It would have been great to have more examples than covered in the video series. The current set of examples are great no doubt, but I personally would have liked a few more, based on the context.

For instance, at the end of Earned Value method calculations episode have some sample exam questions that show how to interpret the questions and apply EVM formulas to solve them.

Overall, I am glad that I bought the product because it delivered the value it promised. I owe good part of my exam success to PM PrepCast and PMP Exam Simulator.

That, brings me to the next essential product in the arsanel of any PMP student – the PMP Exam Simulator.

Many people have written to me asking for help since they have failed PMP exam once or more. Each re-examination attempt costs $275 (for PMI® members) or $375 (non-members).
Investing in PM PrepCast and Exam Simulator for a cost much lesser than re-examination cost and acing the exam in very first attempt is far far better compared to the agony and wastage of time and efforts of re-examination. Therefore I urge you to really consider investing in your exam preparation.
– Shiv

Review of the New PMP® Exam Simulator 2.0: Get a feel of the REAL exam & Optimize those 4 hrs!

Note -This simulator is fully updated for the new PMP® exam changes PMI® introduced in early 2016.

Have you took part in a play or dance, or any stage performance? I was 10th grade when I did my first stage appearance – a play.

In front of entire school and their families, probably about a thousand people. We had practiced the play in our classroom for about 4 months and I was so confident with my part that I could belt out the dialogs even when woken up from sleep. Or so I thought.

Till the day of the play. I was in the first act of the play and as I came on to the stage, I looked at the crowd… and I froze. Just stood there, not able to remember my dialog. That day I realized the importance of ‘dry run’, practice run, or simulation.

Most of successful performers do this. Many Cricket legends are known to shadow practice on the pitch on days leading up to the match. Practicing anything increases familiarity and reduces anxiety. PMP® Exam simulator does this for the real exam. When you take a 4-hour simulated exam, you learn several things –

  1. How to start well, keep momentum in the middle and then end the exam
  2. What to do, what not to do during the exam (there are NO scheduled breaks during the exam)
  3. How to deal with tough questions and to manage your 4 hours of exam time in the most efficient manner
  4. You may discover that your understanding of some of the concepts is flawed, or there is another way of interpreting the application of these concepts

Whether free or paid, it is a must that you take up mock tests – at least 4-5 full-length tests in order to feel confident about doing well in the exam.

I have learned about 6-7% of new topics that were not part of PMBOK® – only by going through several mock tests and sample questions. Then I included some in the ‘The Complete PMP® Formula Guide’ book. Read on to know how you can get this book for free.

I took about 6 full length 4 hour mock tests in the week leading up to PMP® exam. Whenever I took free online tests one trouble I faced was that many of those questions were from PMBOK® 4th edition.

Since I had run through PMBOK® 4th edition (before deciding to switch over and take up PMBOK® 5th edition based exam), I was able to sort of identify such questions and ignore them. Still, such PMBOK®-4th edition questions created lot of confusion. Whenever you access/use any free online simulator please make sure that it is updated for PMBOK-5 – better still, for the new changes introduced in 2016.

That’s one of the reasons I decided to go with PMP® Exam Simulator by Cornelius Fichtner.

Here’s a “dirty” secret. Did you know that PMI® does not decide passing score just based on number of questions answered?

Yes, that’s true. So the thinking that getting 65% (or some such number) of questions right will be sufficient to pass the exam – is incorrect. Here’s what Cornelius says in one of his Facebook post –

“Passing the PMP Exam is no longer determined by the percentage of questions you answer correctly. It is calculated using a sound psychometric analysis. In essence this means that the harder questions are worth more than the easier questions.

So you get a higher score if you answer more of the harder questions correctly and a lower score if you answer more of the easier questions correctly. The minimum score needed to pass is determined by the overall difficultly of your individual exam.”

This means that the more you hone your skills of answering questions quickly and correctly, higher are your chances of passing the exam.

Long story short, if one is serious about acing PMP® exam one must take lot of sample/mock tests.

It doesn’t matter whether you go for free tests or Cornelius’s simulator, or any other good one for that matter –  you simply cannot afford to not take few full-length 4-hour sample tests. More the merrier.

I have found PMP® Exam Simulator to be particularly beneficial. This has helped test my understanding of each knowledge area and also helped me plan for the real 4-hr exam.

However, it is best to use this only after you feel a bit comfortable about your hold on concepts. Ideally, you will take mock tests after each round of end-to-end study of knowledge areas and ethics & professional responsibility part.

PMP® Exam Simulator Features

  • 1,800 realistic PMP® exam questions (constantly updated with new ones based on feedback and trends)
  • Out of these 9 full length (200 Q) exams, exam #9 is completely dedicated to sharpen your ability to answer ITTO based questions. With the change in assessing ITTOs that PMI introduced earlier this year, you will find this exam very useful. I would recommend you attempt this in the last week before the exam.
  • Detailed explanations for all answers
  • Take tests on Desktop, Tablet or even Smartphones
  • Simulated PMP® exam environment (option to ‘mark for review’ and more)
  • Test statistics – helps you identify topics that need more focus and preparation
  • Exam mode, Timed mode and Learning mode
  • 90-day complete access. But your 90-day period starts AFTER you take your first test and NOT from the date of purchase.
  • Take as many tests as often as you want (24×7 access)
  • Strikethrough feature lets you eliminate wrong options so right answer pops out. You can also filter to view specific group of questions (per knowledge area, for instance) so you can answer marked questions quickly.
  • Live Feedback™ feature – allows you to ask a certified project manager to clarify any of the questions or explanations in the simulator. This is one of the most appreciated simulator features.
  • Questions and answers are updated to the latest PMP Exam Content Outline released by PMI®.
  • The BEST reason why you will love this simulator: The questions are prepared by a team of 7 PMPs from around the world that prepared the original questions pool for the real PMP® exam. So this simulator mimics real PMP exam as closely as possible!
  • Cornelius’s Bonuses: Cornelius himself provides few delicious bonuses with this simulator:
    • 5-part email course: Advanced PMI® Exam Strategies
    • Sample exam score worksheet (use with your mock tests to keep score)
    • Contact hour worksheet (to track 35 contact hour requirement set by PMI®)
    • Online discussion forum access (get help from peers)
    • Weekly exam tips newsletter

What if I purchased this PMP® Simulator and did not pass the test, unfortunately?

In case this unfortunate event happens, no worries – you can get another 90 day extension to your Simulator free of cost!

All that you need to ensure is that you are still inside the 90-day validity of your simulator, and you send a scanned copy/picture of your Exam Score Report to within 45 days of failed exam attempt (for more on the Extension Policy please visit this page).

Note: Your 90-day countdown starts not from the date of purchase, but from the date you take your very first mock test! So now there is no need to worry of expiry of access in case you are yet to schedule your exam date.

Here’s a proven strategy to get most of the questions right in least amount of time on your exam!

This is more useful if you are taking Computer Based Test as you can mark questions ‘for later’ and come back to them quickly. This has worked for me and now hundreds of my students. Try it on your mock test and make changes as needed.

Round 1: Go through all 200 questions answering only the easy ones. Mark 3 types of questions ‘for later’

  • All formula based questions
  • All lengthy questions (2-3 paragraph)
  • Difficult ones – or the ones you have no clue about

This might take you close to 2hrs and you should be able to get about 120-150 questions in this period. This gives you a HUGE psychological boost. Gets you into a great frame of mind knowing that you have all good apples in the basket. Even if you take 2.5hrs or so, it is worth it.

Round 2: Attempt all Formula based questions at one go. Leave the difficult ones for later.

Attempting all formula based questions together saves you up to 8-10 minutes of ‘context-switching’ time if you were to attempt them in the same order as they appear on the exam. This is crucial time saver! One of my books makes it even easier to answer them – we’ll come to it in a bit.

Round 3: Attempt lengthy questions, leaving difficult ones for later

Lengthy questions are usually simple ones. It just takes time to go over and understand them. One of my book makes it easier to spot 13 different types of questions and answer them quickly applying specific strategies. You can get it for free – more on it in a bit.

Round 4 – Attempt remaining ones

Now you probably have about 30-45 mins left, and 10-12 questions. Attempt them in leisure. If you can’t deduce the answer just mark the option that seemed right the first time, don’t second guess – this is usually correct (I’m not sure of the reason – its probably the subconscious mind that does the trick).

There are no negative marks in PMP exam, so for these remaining questions you will still have 25% probability of getting the answer right irrespective of the option you choose!

This approach optimizes your time and maximizes your chances of getting more questions right with least stress. Try it out!

Special Bonus for PMESN Readers (that’s You!)

These are the ‘Last Mile’ PMP prep resources you can get as a bonus when you purchase one or both of PM PrepCast and Simulator. I’ll share product specific bonus list in the next section.

Bonus #1 Book: ‘250 Best PMP® Sample Questions with Answers Explained’

pmp sample questions I created a huge repository of sample questions for my own PMP® preparation. I got them from all around the web – forums, blogs, project management sites and past students’ notes.

Created a bunch of them myself (here’s a little secret: creating your own questions makes it easier to grasp the subject, try it!).

In this book I have picked best of 250 questions from this repository, along with answers.

Value: $24.95 (Yours for Free)

Bonus #2 Book: ‘MORE PMP® Exam Sample Questions’

pmp sample questions You might know that PMESN Facebook community is a vibrant place with daily sample PMP® questions, discussions, monthly contest, career related article posts, and some inspiration to get us through difficult time and projects (no pun intended).

Many of my friends in the community asked if they can get these questions explained in an ebook form. So, here is it – all the questions published on this community and their answers, in an ebook form.

Value: $24.95 (Yours for Free)

Bonus #3 Book: ‘The Complete PMP® Formula Guide’

pmp formula guide Based on luck you may get 5 to 30 or more formula-based questions on the exam.

I think I got about 15-20 of them. One of the main lessons I learned by going through sample tests is that I needed to study few other topics that were not covered in PMBOK®.

And many of these had formulas (IRR, ROI, PTA and many more).

So, I put together all these formulas and used for my PMP® preparation. The Complete PMP® Formula Guide,

  • Briefly explains each concept,
  • Explains the formula involved
  • Shows how to solve them by using sample exam questions.
  • Going through sample questions is the best method to understand how to apply formulas you have learned
  • Covers formulas that are part of PMP® exam but not given in the PMBOK® guide
  • Last section of this guide lists formulas in a tabular fashion, to make it easier for you to revise as the exam day approaches

This is a true complement to PM PrepCast as you will understand how exactly to interpret the question, apply formula and solve exam questions. This is given contextually so you get to learn-and-apply formulas by each topic.

“Hi Shiv, I cleared the exam today with all 5 Ps (Proficient). Thanks for your formula guide, it worked really well for me.” -Arun Kumar Pasuparthi

Value: $47.95 (Yours for Free)

Bonus #4 Book: ‘How To Create Effective Mind maps’

pmp mindmapsThis is a how-to practical guide to learn this powerful learning tool – Mind maps.

  • Mind mapping is an effective means of taking notes and brainstorm complex topics.
  • A mind map involves writing down a central theme or topic and thinking of new and related ideas which branch out from the center.
  • By focusing on key ideas written down using your own words and looking for connections between them, you can map new information in a way that will help you better understand and retain information.
  • Mind mapping helps you to,
    • clear your thinking
    • brainstorm complex ideas efficiently
    • plan a presentation
    • remember things
    • plan personal goals

Mind maps are even one of the tools and techniques used in some of PMBOK®’s processes. Therefore if you master the techniques of Mind maps you will not only be benefited in your exam, but also in your career as well as personal life!

Value: $19.95 (Yours for Free)

Note: Whether you invest in PM PrepCast or PMP® Exam Simulator, I will send you above 4 books as bonus.

Bonus #5 Book: ‘The Super Guide to PMP® Question Types’

pmp question types On the exam, managing your time is everything. When you have to solve 200 questions in 4hrs, it  gives you little over a minute per question. That’s all.

Moreover, if you take a break for water or rest-room the clock does not stop. Therefore, you need to be able to answer as many questions and as quickly as possible – without hurrying – and save time to tackle tough questions.

  • Did you know that each question can be traced to a ‘type’ or ‘category’ and can be addressed slightly differently (than just reading through it) in order to answer it in shortest possible time?
  • In this book I list 14 different types of PMP® questions, the way to handle them, and few sample exam questions to help understand how to identify these questions.
  • I also reveal my strategy for answer more questions right upfront in the exam, and increase chances of success.

People have written to me saying that this book has been very helpful to pass PMP®. You don’t want to miss this book!

Value: $47.95 (Yours for Free)

PMP testimonial “Hello Shiv, Many thanks for your free materials I got as a bonus for buying the pmprepcast through your blog, and also for the various explanation to the ‘boring’ PMBOK… … Its so great to be on this other side of the divide…I’m glad I passed on first try and I am extremely grateful to you. Especially for that your book on PMP exam types.”Funmilola James

Bonus #6: ‘PMP Smart Flashcards’

pmp flashcards

Using Flashcards is a smart way of studying. With ‘PMP Smart Flashcards’, we make it smarter.

Recent research has proven that a technique called Spaced Repetition – a way to repeat information with a frequency that is inversely proportional to the difficulty level – is a great way to push information into long term memory without taxing brain.

The simpler way of saying this is that if you study difficult bit of information more frequently than easy bit of information, you will remember it easier and longer.

‘PMP Smart Flashcards’ is a set of over 620+ virtual flashcards that allow you to learn important PMP terms using Spaced Repetition study technique. This will greatly reduce the amount of time you take to study for your PMP exam.

Let us study smarter and faster, instead of, harder.

Value: $47.95 (Yours for Free)

Bonus #7 Book: ‘How To Become a Star Project Manager’

Managing projects as we know is not limited to having the domain knowledge and project management knowledge. It is about knowing the best practices followed by successful project managers and emulating the same at work.

This book is a collection of corporate wisdom that has been exhibited by successful people and is available for us to use in our own experience. I have done exactly the same – studying successful people and trying to model their behavior that lead to their success. These straight-to-the-point guide covers topics such as –star project manager

  • How to find your real career objective under 10 minutes
  • How to prepare for a project management interview and how to ace it
  • How to excel at work and substantially increase your chances of getting promoted at work (many project managers don’t even know some of these techniques)
  • Understanding and looking for the symptoms that indicate whether your project might be shut down
  • Effective and practical techniques to manage time well at work
  • How to get into the ‘flow’ and accomplish most by being highly productive
  • What are the things you must avoid saying at work at any cost
  • How to understand and build relationship with an introvert boss
  • 4 crucial and mostly overlooked characteristics of of an effective project manager
  • How to have most productive meetings and show you respect your and others’ time
  • How to induce humor at work and increase productivity of your team
  • Proven ways of managing conflicts on project
  • and much more…

This 117 page book is a collection of 26 posts that cover various tips, techniques and methods of being a very successful project manager. This is a must-have career guidance book for any project manager!

Value: $24.95 (Yours for Free)

Bonus #8: PMP Exam Mnemonics – Brain-Friendly Techniques to Remember Critical Concepts With Ease

pmp exam mnemonics brain friendly

pmp mnemonics ralf maier“Just wanted to let you know I went over your book and find it very well written.
You make things easy to understand and I’m reminded of the techniques of “good” trainers to ease things up while going through, often very dry, topics!”

Ralf Maier, PMP

capm prep tips mandee“I believe this is an asset to anyone who is undertaking the PMP or CAPM exam or even a person who wants to brush up on the Project Management [concepts].

This book is well crafted, each knowledge area is broken down very simply, the material presented is suitable for study purposes and mnemonics provided are easy to remember as intended.”

-Mandalee Mason, CAPM

Value: $24.95

Bonus #9: 30min Free Skype Consult For Your PMP® Preparation

Over the years I have seen the successes and failures of many people taking their PMP® exam. I have spoken and guided hundreds of people for their PMP® preparation.

I lost close to 3 years procrastinating my own PMP® exam, without proper guidance and without picking up the right study pace. Until I tried a trick – that not only helped me pass the exam, but gave birth to a holistic idea : this PMESN blog.

In this 30min Skype call ask me any questions you have about preparing for PMP® certification exam. Even if you haven’t got a clue about the best way to approach PMP® study, how to prepare your PMI® application, pace your study, fill the gaps between PMBOK® and PMP® exam, do the last minute preparation – I will help resolve them and suggest the approach I consider best for your unique situation.

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These bonus resources provide you a proven way to accelerate your PMP study and prepare with confidence to clear your PMP exam on the first attempt.

pm prepcast couponIn my experience, Shiv’s straight-forward advice was priceless.  His study notes were organized in such a way that simplified studying, making it much less dreadful, and his humor provided much welcomed laughter during the long study nights. I had taken his advice in purchasing PMPrepCast to test drive the PM Test Simulator and only wished I had signed up much sooner.  1,800 sample test questions, all automated with tracked test scores really gives you a good feel for where you are in understanding the material, and oh what an ecstatic feeling you get when you achieve scores in the 80-90 percentiles in practice quizzes and exams.”

– Merry Nguyen, US



Product specific bonuses

I have used both PM PrepCast as well as PMP® Exam Simulator and I believe one needs both for preparing well for the exam. However, based on the this review you would want to make your own decision about which products would you like to invest. Here’s the breakdown of bonuses –

1. PM PrepCast OR PMP® Exam Simulator

Whichever of these you’d decide to invest in today, forward me the order receipt email to get the following ebooks –

  • Bonus #1 Book: ‘250 Best PMP Sample Questions with Answers Explained’
  • Bonus #2 Book: ‘MORE PMP® Exam Sample Questions’
  • Bonus #3 Book: ‘The Complete PMP® Formula Guide’
  • Bonus #4 Book: ‘How To Create Effective Mind maps’
  • Bonus #5: ‘PMP® Smart Flashcards’

That’s a bonus package of $170.75!

2. PM PrepCast AND PMP® Exam Simulator bundle

Get all of these bonuses today, in addition to the discount on the product –

  • Bonus #1 Book: ‘250 Best PMP® Sample Questions with Answers Explained’
  • Bonus #2 Book: ‘MORE PMP® Exam Sample Questions’
  • Bonus #3 Book: ‘The Complete PMP® Formula Guide’
  • Bonus #4 Book: ‘How To Create Effective Mind maps’
  • Bonus #5 Book: ‘The Super Guide To PMP® Question Types’
  • Bonus #6: ‘PMP® Smart Flashcards’
  • Bonus #7 Book: ‘How To Become a Star Project Manager!’
  • Bonus #8 Book: ‘PMP EXAM MNEMONICS’
  • Bonus #9: 30min Free Skype Consult For Your PMP® Preparation

Special bonus #10 Kindle Book: The Complete ‘Ace Your PMP® Exam’ Series: Essential PMP® Concepts Simplified

amaya-web-Ace-YourPMPExam“Hi Shiv, I find your notes and material very very helpful. It is always a pleasure to find study material which is so clearly organized. Wish I had found all these earlier!!!!
Be sure I will recommend it to my colleagues studying for the PMP certification.”
-Amaya Castañeda, Spain

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passpmp exam kindle ebook

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3. CAPM® Exam Simulator

Get all of these bonuses today, in addition to the discount on the product –

  • Bonus #1 Book: ‘How To Create Effective Mind maps’
  • Bonus #2 Book: ‘How To Become a Star Project Manager!’

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4. PM Study Coach purchase

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  • Bonus Book: ‘The Complete PMP® Formula Guide’

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shiv shenoy

PMP® is one of the best investment you could make to get ahead in your career, and PM PrepCast & PMP® Exam Simulator are two best products you can invest in to increase your chances of cracking PMP tremendously.

The ‘Last Mile’ prep resources I am giving as bonus on this page only complements your main PMP study resources reducing overall study effort drastically and increasing your odds of acing the PMP exam substantially.

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I will look forward to the exam strategy planning discussion with you.

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