18 July 2016, 10:00 am – Planning: PMP® Exam Cheat Sheet Kindle book

19 July 2016, 11:30 am – Completed first draft

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19 July 2016, 10:00 pmPublished the book on Kindle platform

20 July 2016, 1:22 am – Received notification from Amazon about book go-live.

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21 July 2016, 8:15 am – Checked product page. Best Seller #1 position hit!

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A hearty thanks to You, and everyone that has got the book – for your support and giving me an opportunity to contribute in your PMP journey.

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In the last post of this series Swati Popli shared her experience of preparing for PMP under 3 weeks. In this post Vivek Gulati, who passed his exam 3 weeks ago, shares what he did for his PMP Exam preparation and how he got over blockers that most of us face as well.

-Shiv Shenoy

pmp exam preparation vivek gulatiShiv, I’m glad to share my PMP experience with your readers. I felt it was one of the toughest PMP question papers. Needless to say you have played an important part in my PMP success.

I’ll try to keep this as brief bullet points.

My PMP exam preparation: resources I usedpmp exam vivek gulati

  • I started with Rita’s PMP book and initially went through it twice. Then I switched over to the PMBOK guide and read it twice as well.
  • I also enrolled for Simplilearn’s PMP course (self-study), because I felt other than self-study through books, we also need expert advice to pass the exam. I needed the 35 training hours as well.
  • During the final stages of my preparation (last one month), I decided to make use of additional resources to cover the updated PMP content (new tasks added). That is when I read the books written by Shiv Shenoy as they contained additional content in simple language. I also used his books related to different process groups for final preparation.
  • I am glad I came across the book ‘PMP Exam Simplified’ written by Aileen Ellis. It contained chapters written task-wise rather than by process groups. The quality of questions at the end of each chapter was pretty good. Also, there were a good number of questions arranged by process groups, so it was easy to know how much I was scoring in each process group. It also contained the updated PMP course content.

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PMP 35 Contact HoursIf you are planning for PMP 35 contact hours of project management education is a mandatory requirement set by Project Management Institute. There is a general conception among PMP students that they must get this from PMI certified REP (registered education providers).

One of the common questions I receive from PMP students is whether they can use show PM education from non-REPs towards PDUs (Professional Development Units) – necessary for maintaining PMP credentials.

The fact is that project management education providers that are not certified by PMI (non-REPs) can also provide 35hrs contact education as well as PDUs! And PMI recognizes and accepts such as certification as well.

Let us explore this in a bit detail.

PMP 35 Contact Hours Defined

First let us see how does PMI mean by ‘contact hour’. PMI’s PMP handbook explains it as, “One contact hour is equivalent to one actual hour of training or instruction received.” [click to continue…]

PMP exam prep under 2 weeks or 3 weeks is not impossible, but such instances are mostly considered outliers if you were to draw an exam prep Bell curve. Another such instance I recall immediately is of Noorulayn, who did it in 2 weeks.

If you have spent a long time preparing and still not very confident of it, it is okay. If it is of any help, I took close to 3 years (yes, years!) from the first time I planned my PMP exam prep to finally really get it done.

The idea is to make a plan, stick to it as much as possible, make adjustments along the way, and get it done.

-Shiv Shenoy

pmp exam prep swati

My PMP Exam Prep: Beginning of the long, short journey: Swati Popli

Hi Shiv, I want to share my PMP exam prep story with your readers. It indeed is a great feeling passing the PMP exam. Actually feels nothing less than conquering Himalayas. 🙂

pmp swati infosysMy PMP journey started last year in August when I had enrolled for training program for a week. Post training I did do one round of study for PMBOK as well as Rita Mulcahy but that was more of scanning.

These books were not able to bind me well as they were too exhaustive and verbose. Post one reading of books, from October 2015 to June 2016, I was pretty much held in my assignments, which did not leave me with much time to study.

My books were packed away and it was like out-of-sight-out-of-mind story. In late May I received Paper Submission event from PMI and I logged into their site, only to realize that my membership was expiring on 31st July. I was planning to take personal time off for June and it worked perfectly well with my plans of passing PMP exam.

So essentially my PMP preparation was 3 weeks. And here’s my schedule. [click to continue…]

pmp exam prep krisHi Shiv, I have just passed my PMP exam last week with Proficient in all domains, and I wanted to thank you for the resources you share with the community as they were important for my preparation.

I want to share my road to PMP as I think it might be useful for others.

The beginning

kris pmp bulgariaI started my preparation with 35hr training session in the beginning of March.

As I know my learning process (highly utilitarian and concentrated on practical application) I started from the beginning to apply the new knowledge to assess previous projects that I have been managing or am a part of.

The mistakes that were made there, whys and hows of the PMI processes could have helped there. And indeed, in every knowledge area that we were speaking about during the course I have found answers that I should have known earlier!

I was going in my head through the scenarios of how I would manage project differently this time, even sketching schemes and elements to use in each project depending on its specifics. [click to continue…]

pmp exam prep adviceThis week we’ll look at the PMP® journey of Basheer Baba, who got his PMP® certification earlier this month.

Hey Basheer, Congratulations on your PMP success, and thank you for sharing your prep advice with PMESN audience. When did you start your PMP exam preparation?

pmp prep advice basheer babaBasheer: I started my preparation in February, 2016.

Q> What was your study approach and what study resources did you use?

My study approach was in 3 parts.

In the first stage, for each Knowledge Area (KA) I first read the HeadFirst PMP® book along with  Shiv Shenoy’s blog posts on PMESN. He’s given all the topics in simple, short and easy to understand format. Next I went over the same KA from Rita Mulcahy’s book and finally from PMBOK guide.

The reason I started with FeadFirst was because I liked the way they explain concepts. It is easy to understand the topic as it has pictorial representation. For details I always have PMBOK that I studied in the end. [click to continue…]