pmp-lessons-learned-praveen-panditIts been 2 and half months I have been studying for an exam and today I succeeded in achieving the PMP certification!

While my 2 and half months study program I had maintained study process (time table) as listed below.

My PMP Study Resources

  1.  pmp praveen panditSimpliLearn Classroom Training and Online mock test
  2. Rita mulcahy 8th edition (read only one time, yes you read it correctly. I tried to understand the concept rather than memorizing the book)
  3. PMBOK 5th Edition (read only one time, I must say after reading Rita mulchay’s book you will find PMBOK very much easier to understand)
  4. Shiv Shenoy’s PMP study materials including Brain dump (this is very important to remember, as it will help you most in the exam)
  5. Other Internet online practice exams and ITTO based exam
  6. And last but not least, I followed Shiv’s suggestion while attending the exam (First answer all easy questions and then answer formula based question and then trick questions – explained here [Look for strategy in PMP Simulator section])

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pmp-lessons-learned-Ali-ManriqueMy experience was quite eventful. I appeared for the PMP test three times!

pmp-AliManriqueMy first failure was because I appeared for the exam without having prepared enough, relying only on my experience. I had less than a month to read the Rita Mulcahy Book, superficially. I presented the exam and got poor rating in three of the five domains.

The second time around though I tried to spend more time and I studied Rita Mulcahy‘s book and the PMP simulator.

I took time off from my work, which involves constantly moving in three countries. I took care only to study the book and simulator from Rita Mulcahy,
I did not pay much attention to the PMBOK, and gave the exam. On the day of the exam I studied until hours before the test, I was late to the center, feeling very stressed. I found the exam very easy, and completed it in two and a half hours. Unfortunately I failed the test and that depressed me a lot.

Bouncing back

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pmp-lessons-learned-oluwafemi I am super happy that I passed my PMP exam!

I was skeptical and not confident that I was prepared for the exam after initial studies with PMPBK and Rita’s PMP guide. So, I did some searching online and found Shivs PMP prep guide.
I used the exam simulator, did my corrections on missed questions, tried to understand why I missed and why the right answer was right from the explanation.

I referenced the PMBOK guide and Rita’s PMP guide when required.

I got to the exam center on time, wrote down my brain dumps, started the exam, skipped all calculation and long questions for the last as earlier recommended by Shiv.
(Note from Shiv: look for this strategy under the PMP Simulator section here).
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pmp-lessons-learned-gayathri-ramamurthy I casually started my PMP preparation at the behest of my husband. I got interested from the perspective of getting more knowledge and due to the competitive edge PMP has in any industry and also by the salary perks it can bring in. Also, I was passionate to learn and implement PMP concepts in my organization.
Having two kids to manage (5 yr old naughty boy and 10 yr old Barbie) along with work, I took up this challenge and set my goals.

One of the best things that happened was that I was introduced to Shiv’s PMESN blog & the Facebook community by my husband. I enrolled myself for his free PMP Study Blueprint email course. This was a real boost to my study plan.

My Study Plan – 3 Months to PMP

  1. I attended classroom sessions on PMP with Simplilearn. It was an excellent 4 day classroom session and automatically helps you earn 35 PDU’s. It was too good.
  2. Started my regular daily 2 hours learning from Feb 14 2015 (the day I enrolled with Simplilearn).
  3. I wrote down in an excel sheet my Mission, My Goal and the Benefits I would get when I completed PMP successfully.
  4. I studied everyday for 2 hours from Feb 2015 to May 5, 2015. Of course there were many days I could not learn due to commitments at home, etc. So don’t give up if you get hurdles on your way… it should only cheer you up more and make you more committed to learn ..:-)
  5. I read the Simplilearn ebook thrice, which was simple and easy to understand. I read the PMBOK guide twice.
  6. I wrote and saw the 47 processes daily along with the formula dump (all of them). This took more time initially and then I narrowed it down to 10 min :-)
  7. I started off with mock tests in the month of April. But what I would suggest is to start off with PMP mock tests right when you complete PMBOK once.

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pmp lessons learned pralay kumarHi Shiv,

I cleared my PMP certification exam. First of all I want to thank you for your continuous support by sharing materials, questions and support. Here I am sharing my experience of the complete journey.

pmp lessons learned pralay kumar dasStudy Materials I used:

  1. Simplilearn PMP’s study materials
  2. PMBOK 5th edition
  3. Self made notes

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pmp lessons learned wayne dunlapShiv, I had a non traditional path to PMP success. I will start after application acceptance in order to focus on the specifics of the journey.


wayne-dunlapAfter the application was accepted I scheduled my exam date 3 months out to make sure I had enough time to plan. Prior to application acceptance I took a course through Syracuse University to obtain the 35 credit hours but I knew this exposure was not enough for the exam but it did give me an introduction to the terminology.

I started the true exam prep on June 01 2015. I created a plan in MS project that involved using the PM PrepCast followed by reading Rita’s book, Headfirst PMP and then the corresponding chapter in PMBOK. I continued that routine everyday 7 days a week until I was complete with all resources.

I finished after July 4th weekend. At that time, I started Prepcast Simulator and at the same time I read all of Shiv’s articles and started reading Andy Crowes book just to confirm I understood the terms completely. There were some areas that I had trouble (ie Time Management) but it made sense.

After passing the first 3 I rescheduled the exam from 21 Aug to 6 Aug because I did not want to wait too long. I took 5 full length exams from the simulator , Andy Crowe’s full exam and Head First full exam for a total of 7. I scored 80 or above on 5 of them and in the 70 percentile for the other 2. [click to continue…]

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