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After 4 months of hard work, I reached my goal in achieving PMP certification! It was my mission to fulfill my dream. Having achieved this, I am now putting the same zeal into finding a suitable job for myself to make a career as a Project Manager. Right off the bat, I must emphasize that PMP mock tests were most crucial part of my PMP prep.

In this article I am going to share everything that helped me achieve my PMP credential. Hope this helps certification aspirants.pmp smita mishra

PMP success factor

In my view PMP was not possible without certain support groups.

I am very grateful to God, my family, my mentor Vidyesh Alve, (PMP, PRINCE2), my association with PMESN platform, WinningPMPlan WhatsApp group, ‘I want to be a PMP’ LinkedIn group and friends for their blessings and continuous support during my 2nd attempt. 

I didn’t have a PMP friend circle with whom I could discuss my queries.  This group was my study support circle, Here, each question and the discussions around it helped as knowledge enhancement and motivation factor for me. I was free to ask any type of silly questions too.

The globalization of PMP certification and the availability of the specialized courses offered me a chance to enhance my knowledge.

PMP Lessons Learned

Based on my analysis and exam prep experience, here is a 6-step PMP plan.

  1. Analyze yourself
  2. Freeze your top study resources
  3. Make-Own study strategy
  4. Fix your exam date
  5. Practice a boatload of mock tests
  6. Be calm on the D-day

Let me briefly explain how each of these steps work.

Step 1: Analyze yourself

The very first question to ask is, “What is my learning Style?”

People have different styles of learning when it comes to studying difficult concepts.

Some enjoy Visual Learning aids – videos, graphical pictures like Data Flow Diagram (you’ll find this after each process in PMBOK), Mind Maps etc.

Some enjoy auditory learning aids – Listening podcast or any audio recordings.

Few others are fond of immersive, read/write learning. Reading from books, preparing the notes etc. Few may even have a preference between printed books versus e-books.

Knowing which type of study style you enjoy will help you a great deal. 

This was one of the major mistakes I committed during my first attempt. I started reading from a digital copy of books but later realized that I should have stuck to my old habit of reading from a physical book to speed up my study process.

Analyze yourself and stick to your learning style; afterall every individual is different, so is their learning style. [click to continue…]

pmp study plan megha dubeyShiv, I passed my PMP exam! While I feel that it is important to make one’s own PMP study plan, I’m sharing mine here with the hope that it may provide some insights.

The seed

megha dubey pmpMy day-to-day responsibilities at work had recently culminated into managing multiple end-to-end projects. I thought that taking a PMP certification would not only strengthen my resume but also provide me with opportunities to implement my newly learnt skills in real time.

This was a huge motivation for me to take up PMP exam.

Study resources I used

I had attended a week-long in-class training session in 2014. After successful completion of that training, I started with Head First PMP – one of the most lucid books for beginners that helped me understand the basic concepts.

Next, I read the PMBOK twice and followed Shiv’s PMP smart-notes simultaneously.

I am of a very strong opinion that it is of extremely importance that a PMP student invests in a good exam simulator for test preparation. I used PMP-Simulator for preparing for the real exam.

A simulator not just gives you a trial run of the PMP exam, it also helps you come up with a strategy or plan to cover 200 questions well within the stipulated 4 hours.

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This is PMP study plan I used

[click to continue…]

pmp-study deepti gargMy PMP study has been a roller-coaster ride. It took me one year to become PMP, as I was working full-time job and had to manage my 2 growing kids.

pmp deepti gargHere is my PMP journey!

I took my first test with a little study last year and then realized it is unlike any other certification exams. The study material is full of concepts, but the exam tests application of the knowledge for given scenario.

So this needed not just hard work but some smart work as well, not to mention a whole lot of practice.

With lot of re-scheduling of tests and 1 month of real hard study, I am a proud PMP today.

Began PMP study slow and steady

I began reading Andy Crowe’s PMP book – which was helped me understand PMP concepts.

I increased my understanding by then reading Rita Mulcahy’s amazing book. This really helped me understand the 47 processes. [click to continue…]

pass pmp prep ak ansariPassing PMP was one of the toughest challenges for me as far as professional certification exams are concerned. At the end of it, the outcome is worth every ounce of energy spent, every hour of sleep skipped, and all the sacrifices I had to make. I’m PMP certified now and the feeling is simply fantastic.

In this post I am sharing my exam experience and some of the techniques I used to make my efforts more effective. This is quite a detailed guide and I hope that this will help PMP aspirants prepare better for their exam.

My research threw up some startling facts

My PMP journey started when I was working as a Project Manager for an MNC. Some of my peers were PMPs and they advised me to go for it considering its market value in the domestic/international arena.

Initially, I did some research and figured out that PMPs earn at least 30% more than their non-certified peers. Then I figured out that many large corporations go only for PMPs and some of them don’t even accept applications of non-PMPs.

PMP is highly sought after by people not only from Information technology but also from various other industries like Automobile, Oil and Gas, Research, Marketing, Sales, Construction, Engineering. This makes PMP certification more lucrative proposition unlike other certifications, which target only one particular audience.

Hence, I decided to join a training institute to embark on my PMP journey.

Some of the study resources I used are..

First, I joined a PMP training institute in Bangalore. They provided me with online study material and few mock tests.

I studied the material thoroughly, but as soon as I started on the mock tests I realized that I was not doing well. I would score in the range of 50% to 55%. Since they did not provide class room training, I decided to join another institute for a face to face training.

My personal recommendation is to go for class room training than an online one because interactive training is the best method to learn. But keep in mind that once you are out of the classes, you need to back that learning up with self-study immediately; else you will start forgetting what you have learned.

Lesson learned – do your due-diligence with the training institute you want to opt for, or an online training you wish to take up.

I read the PMBOK just once. [click to continue…]

pmp exam experience akbarali pmpShiv, I’m glad to share my PMP exam experience with you. I hope people preparing for their exam will find something useful in this to include in their study plan.

pmp prep akbarali I kept it pretty simple. ‘

I didn’t have time to complicate it. 🙂

What made me take up PMP

It was one my my seniors, Mestha-san, that always pestered me to take up PMP exam. He even provided me with PDF files and other study literature for the exam. However, for some unknown reason I kept postponing PMP exam with some excuse or other.

Once or twice I did try to begin the preparation and then gave up mid-way as found the subject too dry, and difficult to concentrate at home with my kids seeking attention. Did you feel something similar?

Early this year though, I decided that enough was enough.

I registered for the exam but since PMI gives your 1 year to attempt the exam, again the lull set in and PMP exam prep was put on the back burner.

Thankfully, things really started moving in September when I finally realized that there is only 3-4 months tops to attempt my PMP exam otherwise I have do register again. And potentially take up the new, more uncertain, PMP exam.

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The PMP study resources I used

I used the hard copy of the PMBOK and initially tried reading all the chapters one by one. I gave this up midway as it was too dry for my taste.

Then I found [click to continue…]

pmp brain dump mayank bajpai

mayank bajpai pmp

Shiv, here is my brain dump about PMP exam itself 🙂 – all the specific resources I used including videos, books, and few study insights I discovered along the way.

Specific PMP videos I found helpful

A) PM Primer

Earned Value –

Critical Path Method

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