Top 5 PMP Study Tips

We share the PMP study tips and success stories of PMP exam takers here at frequently. PMP study tips of recent PMP exam takers is very helpful for PMP aspirants. Because, feedback of recent PMP exam takers and lessons learned during PMP study will help other PMP exam candidates find success in their PMP Journey as well, by avoiding pitfalls and traps that are not easily seen.

This article is a contribution by the good folks at Master of Project Academy.

master of project academyMaster of Project Academy shares feedback and PMP study tips of recent PMP exam takers on their blog as well. We wanted to gather the Top 5 PMP Study Tips from recent PMP test takers in this post.

-Shiv Shenoy

Here’s a consolidated article bringing you chosen prep advice from PMP students that have passed their PMP exam recently.

PMP Study Tip #1

First, and the most important PMP study tip of recent PMP exam takers is, prepare a PMP study plan. Each PMP candidate has a different schedule, different availability and different dedication to prepare for the PMP exam. Therefore, before starting to prepare for PMP exam, make sure that you set a target date to pass PMP exam and make your plans for this date.

prepare pmp study plan

There is not a certain time to prepare for the PMP. However, recommended time for a working professional to prepare for the PMP exam is 4 months. And in total, a typical PMP study takes 70-85 hours. [click to continue…]

pmp exam mnemonics memory aid

How would you find out number of days in the month of May, or say September, without looking at the calendar?

If you looked at your knuckles and figured it out, you just used a mnemonic.

Something like this –

Image courtesy: Wikipedia

If you’ve read PMESN content earlier you probably are aware of this sentence that helps you recall 10 PMP Knowledge Areas in the exact sequence, without putting in much effort to remember them –

Integrating Scope and Time will Cost our Quality Human Resources to Communicate with a Risk of Procuring Stakeholders“.

10 pmp knowledge areas

Let’s try another one. Can you remember this sentence – [click to continue…]

pmp prep plan easy wayShiv, here is something that I would like to share few tips with your readers for their PMP prep plan. I hope they will find this article useful.

My PMP Prep Plan

I planned to write PMP examination about 6 months ago. First, I bought PMBOK in order to go through the theory and concepts. Yes, it is a bit boring read, that is what I understood at first. 🙂

pmp plato pathrose As I visited the PMI website, I understood the advantages and disadvantages of having a PMI membership. My intention of getting a membership in the first place was to get a reduced exam fee. That was the primary reason why I enrolled myself for the PMI membership at that time.

Meanwhile, I subscribed to the Online training for PMP, PM PrepCast from Cornelius (this is only one which I used, there are many others available in the market)

I started watching the videos daily spending at least 2 hours a day.

I was not comfortable watching the videos always on a computer, hence I used to stream those lessons to my Television set and then sit and prepare exam notes. Self-made notes are the ones I would rate as best reference material to go through before the day of examination.

Going through the concepts, I was pleasantly surprised to notice that I have already been doing in my daily work most of the concepts. I just did not know the technical terms.

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A Technique I Used to Internalize Knowledge [click to continue…]

2016 came and went like a flash.

Do you remember how it felt welcoming the New Year a year ago?

I remember how I felt – in the first week of 2016 I sat and made a list of things to do during the year – not as resolutions, because I’ve been bad at keeping them.

Instead of resolutions, I made a list of TASKs.

This approach helped me achieve some of them in 2016. Some of them – honestly, I haven’t been able to complete all of the listed tasks in 2016, but the very act of creating tasks (not even ‘goals’) helped me achieve some of them.

This is a huge personal improvement over past years where I would make several resolutions on the new year’s eve.. and not achieve any of them.

Does this sound familiar?

pmp coaching dan ryan

Tasks, when performed, will lead to results – these ‘results’ can be your ‘goals’. But ‘keeping a resolution’ or ‘achieving a goal’ seems a bit heavier compared to ‘performing a task’. Somehow a ‘task’ seems achievable.

Maybe because as project managers we are used to WBS, creating, listing, sequencing and ticking off tasks. Or, maybe because it is like a project – it has a beginning and an end and produces a result. 🙂 [click to continue…]

Getting PMP certification is only half the job done. It’s a nice milestone to reach for one’s career growth, but there is more to it. Application of PMP concepts at work is certainly one of them, which is what the PMP questions train you for.

pmp pdu ccr complete pdu guide

Continuous improvement is as much a required aspect of one’s career-growth as it is for Kaizen projects.

For many the very thought of getting PDUs can be a painful one. I receive a lot of ‘how to earn PDUs for PMP renewal‘ emails. I fret over it for many months before coming up with a plan. But with this article you can have it like a breeze. Almost. You’ll have to put in some hours to get them, but this planning exercise can make it seem like a breeze.

In this article, we will look at the exercise of earning PDUs from career-growth perspective. [click to continue…]

pmp lessons learned for easy prep imran My PMP journey started 3 months back, when I decided I need to get certified and also learn how I can use PMI’s best practices in my daily work.

The first thing I realized while starting the PMP preparation was how each project is managed differently and how guidelines set out by PMP can be of enormous help in managing the project efficiently.

I passed my PMP exam and would like to share what I learned along the way.

My PMP study approach & tips

pmp imran1. I decided that I was going to study not only to get certified but also to use PMI’s project management guidelines to better manage the projects I work on. This mindset helped me investigate many concepts in detail and the long-term benefits of this approach kept me motivated to study when chips were down.

2. I enrolled for a 4-day PMP training. It helped me get an overall view about how to plan for my certification. I would recommend an online course which you can pace as per your need, rather than the classroom training that forces to cramp too much information in 4 days. (few reviews here and here). [click to continue…]