pmp exam experience akbarali pmpShiv, I’m glad to share my PMP exam experience with you. I hope people preparing for their exam will find something useful in this to include in their study plan.

pmp prep akbarali I kept it pretty simple. ‘

I didn’t have time to complicate it. 🙂

What made me take up PMP

It was one my my seniors, Mestha-san, that always pestered me to take up PMP exam. He even provided me with PDF files and other study literature for the exam. However, for some unknown reason I kept postponing PMP exam with some excuse or other.

Once or twice I did try to begin the preparation and then gave up mid-way as found the subject too dry, and difficult to concentrate at home with my kids seeking attention. Did you feel something similar?

Early this year though, I decided that enough was enough.

I registered for the exam but since PMI gives your 1 year to attempt the exam, again the lull set in and PMP exam prep was put on the back burner.

Thankfully, things really started moving in September when I finally realized that there is only 3-4 months tops to attempt my PMP exam otherwise I have do register again. And potentially take up the new, more uncertain, PMP exam.

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The PMP study resources I used

I used the hard copy of the PMBOK and initially tried reading all the chapters one by one. I gave this up midway as it was too dry for my taste.

Then I found [click to continue…]

pmp brain dump mayank bajpai

mayank bajpai pmp

Shiv, here is my brain dump about PMP exam itself 🙂 – all the specific resources I used including videos, books, and few study insights I discovered along the way.

Specific PMP videos I found helpful

A) PM Primer

Earned Value –

Critical Path Method

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pass pmp exam now

At last, PMI announced the date on which the PMBOK-6 based NEW PMP exam will come into force: 26 March 2018. This means there is higher chances to pass PMP exam now.

If you are taking your PMP exam on or before 25 March 2018, you will be taking it on the current syllabus (largely dependent on PMBOK-5 guide).

Which is a breather for sure. We are few months away now.

And this does beg few questions –

  1. Do I have all the required study resources (introduction, main course, last mile) to prepare well?
  2. Am I certain that with my study plan I can juggle my work, family, personal, social life AND carve out time to study and prepare for the exam?
  3. Am I choosing the ‘path of least resistance’ for my PMP prep?

The fact is that as the new exam date approaches, there will be more people looking to book exam slots at Prometric exam centers around the world.

Few people will do that in order to ‘give a shot’ because their exam eligibility period is expiring.

And some will just try their luck.

And it is human nature to leave things till the end (remember the urgent/important matrix?), Therefore, some people, like me, that were perennially preparing but never attempting the exam will now jump on the bandwagon.

But all of them will gobble up one scarce commodity that you will need for your exam – PMP exam slot at Prometric center.

Which means that practically you may get just ONE shot at the current, more certain, PMP exam.

And you want to be prepared well and give it your best shot. [click to continue…]

how to pass pmp above target score akhilesh dubey

I passed my PMP exam with Above-Target score in all 5 domains. And in this post I would like to share my strategies for how to pass PMP exam with the best possible score.

Towards the end of this post you can also download the process mapping sheet I created for ready reference. This, I hope, will help PMP students.

My PMP Exam Result Report

pmp exam results report akhilesh dubey

PMP trigger

I am a post graduate in Project Management and I always had this urge to get a global certification on project management.

To be very honest, my desire to obtain PMP certification was motivated by my wife, who, after coming to know about my goal, began to movitate and push me to take time out and study for the PMP exam.

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My PMP study resources

I realized that there are way too many prep resources, and for a brief period this lead to a sense of overwhelm.

So I decided to keep it simple. I brought down my study resources to just 3 items –

Alright, the suspense is over!

We knew that the PMBOK 6th edition based exam is going to kick in soon.

pmbok 6 exam last date pmi

It was also clear that it would be better to get PMP certification before the new exam comes into force, for obvious reasons –

  • Anything NEW has uncertainty (along with the opportunity) about it. The new exam could have surprises in type of questions, level of difficulty in questions, and possibly even the scoring method.
  • Did you know that PMI changed the scoring scale from 3-point scale to 4-point scale recently?. Would there bye any other change with the new exam? Only time will tell.
  • If one were to be certain about passing the new exam, one should probably put more efforts that with the current exam, to ensure that nothing is left to chance.
  • The amount of training material will be quite limited with the new exam – this could be a good thing, or not-so-good thing – based on how you look at it.
  • To be reasonably certain about passing the new exam, expectations need to be understood – based on the experience of candidates that have taken the new exam. This would take some time, for the ‘dust to settle’, so to speak. Which means you’ll probably need to wait for 3-4 months after the new exam to know what to expect with some certainty.

Well, there are brighter side too with the new exam, most prominent of which is that – [click to continue…]


PMI has introduced a change to PMP scoring scale. This is significant in view of the upcoming PMBOK-6 based exam.

Let us see what exactly has changed.

You know that the following 5 Process Groups from PMBOK guide become Domains as far as exam is concerned. You are scored individually under each of these Domains.

PMI announced the date of PMBOK-6 based exam..

The question distribution across the 5 domains is as below –

There is a passing threshold for each of these Domains.

What was PMP scoring scale used so far?

There were just 3 scoring levels against which each PMP candidate is scored in each of the 5 Domains –

  • Proficient – indicates performance is above the average level of knowledge in this domain.
  • Moderately Proficient – indicates performance that is at the average level of knowledge in this domain.
  • Below Proficient – indicates performance is below the average level of knowledge in this domain.

Here’s an example –

pmbok PMP old rating scale example

Not anymore.

How does the new PMP scoring scale look like?

Instead of the 3-point rating scale now PMI uses 4-point rating scale.

PMI calls each of these points as ‘Performance Rating Category’.

They are as below – [click to continue…]