pmp changes 2015 how does this affect youYou saw why PMI had to change PMP syllabus mid-2015, and what are those exact changes in the previous two parts of this guide.

You probably have lot of questions right now. In this part we shall look at some of those questions.
If your question is still unanswered please drop them in the comments section below and I will try to find the answers for you.

Hopefully you are planning to take the test before the new test rolls in on 2 November, 2015.

Q: Are there any changes to application process and actual test procedure?

Absolutely not. PMI has categorically stated that they will remain the same. So just focus on the content changes, and of course the date it will come into effect from.

Q: How about eligibility criteria?

No changes there as well. All eligibility criteria remains the same. Only the content changes as outlined in Examination Content Outline document published by PMI (look for June 2015 at the bottom of second page).

Q: How about exam format and report?

Exam format will remain the same in that you will still have 5 domains you will be tested under – Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling, and Closing.
Report will also remain the same – and you will get immediately after the exam (assuming you’re taking Computer Based Test – CBT).

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pmp changes 2015 changes to pmp syllabusIn the first part of this guide you understood why, when and how PMI makes changes to PMP exam.

In this part we shall see the exact change that are made to PMP Examination Content Outline – basically the syllabus for PMP exam.

What are the overall changes to new PMP syllabus?

In PMBOK-5 guide PMI introduced a new Knowledge Area to address Stakeholder management in its entirety (in PMBOK-4 these were spread in other KAs). So it was natural to expect RDS to simplify/add/refine some more around Stakeholder management.

Other changes are done to areas of procurement management, lessons learned and aligning business objectives to deliverables.

  • 8 new tasks are added
  • Initiating domain – THREE new tasks added – task 2, 7, & 8
  • Planning domain – ONE new task added – task 13
  • Executing domain – TWO new task added – task 6 & 7
  • Monitoring & Controlling domain – TWO new tasks added – task 6 & 7
  • Closing domain – NO new tasks added

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pmp changes 2015 why how pmi changed syllabusYes, there are changes brought about by PMI in the PMP syllabus from June-2015.

If you are planning for PMP exam this is the best time to plan for it and get your PMP credential before the end of October 2015.

Here are the reasons why you should take PMP exam ASAP

1. Existing study material becomes obsolete

All the PMP material you will find on the internet are all catering to current version of PMBOK and current syllabus.

All the study materials, tutorials, courses, tips, cheatsheets – everything. When the new syllabus rolls in from 2 November 2015, all these will become obsolete immediately. Then it takes many months to get the updated data.

Even when it happens, there will be traps (especially with free material that are not kept up-to-date) of getting confused with old syllabus based study material. This is exactly what happened when PMP exam turned over from PMBOK-4 to PMBOK-5.

2. How does the new exam look like?

PMBOK-5 is not the syllabus, it is just one of the (probably most authenticated) reference books for PMP. The syllabus is given by PMI in Examination content outline. PMI is changing this document now, not PMBOK. So even after the updated syllabus rolls in PMBOK remains the same (may be for more than an year or two).
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Core lesson – treat exam preparation itself as a Project!

It is always helpful when you can relate your study topics with real life examples. It makes you understand the concepts easily and you can remember them for a long time. This was the key of my study plan. I wanted to pass PMP Examination and that was my Project.

pmp-lessons-learned-moinI considered PMP Certification as a Project and I started reading PMBOK. I started relating all Knowledge Areas and Processes trying to identify them as related to this Project.

Here’re couple of examples of how I went ahead with this approach, so you get the idea.

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Core Lesson – Expect Situational questions on the exam.

Finally, after a month of studying I was finally able to pass the exam. My method was different than what was recommended by a lot of people- including reading the books and attempting a few of the well known practice tests – but I thought I share the strategies that worked for me.

Here’s my PMP Lessons Learned

navroop sehmiReference books

PMBOK / I only read the PMBOK once. I really hate how dry it was and it was good enough to give me a good idea on the foundation of the guidelines of project management and process.
lesson learnt notes / A few guys had their own notes on and they were amazing. I downloaded a couple of and concentrated on the summary version of each knowledge area. It gave me a quick insight on the main things that I needed to know.

Quick reference guide / I bought this from amazon. I highly recommend getting this. This had everything I needed to know and helped me in the last stages of studying.
PM Exam Simulator / I jumped in quick in just taking exams to start getting ready for the exam. I figured I can learn from all the mistakes I made. I did get a lot better as I practiced the problems I didn’t do well in. [click to continue…]

pmp lessons learned terry ohiggins

Here’s a brief note for PMP Lessons Learned section by Terry O’higgins.

Core Lesson – Do not second guess your answers!

What worked for me was –
1) learning the formulas and writing them out everyday.
2) knowing the 47 processes and ITTOs and being comfortable with the definitions
3) taking as many exam prep questions as you can is very important. In the exam read the questions carefully – generally your first instinctive choice will be the correct one. It’s fatal to start second guessing yourself.

Best of luck to all!

It’s a great feeling when you see those words pop up on the screen at the end of the exam –


Terry, PMP
Dublin, Ireland

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