How to Get PMP Digital Badge and Land Your Dream Job!

PMP Digital Badgepmp digital badge pmi dream job

Did you know that an astounding 97% of organizations believe project management is critical to business performance and organizational success, according to the report published by PricewaterhouseCoopers?

TechRepublic quotes report that PMP is the most desired certification with nearly 2,200 requets in job postings on any given day.

pmp in job profile

Figure: Job profiles increasingly demand for PMP certification

No wonder many smart recruiters ‘spy’ on potential hires on the Internet and look at their LinkedIn and other social platforms.

The question is,

How do you make your online presence credible and make sure your PMP credential is highlighted with the right people?

Welcome digital badges by PMI.

pmp digital badge

What is a ‘digital badge’?

PMI has begun to give away digital badges to successful candidates through its PMI Certification Digital Badge program.

Well, they themselves are not creating them, but PMI has partnered with a company called Acclaim that manages digital badges. Acclaim is backed by Pearson Education – leader in online education field.

Acclaim issues these digital badges on behalf of organizations that offer certification exams such as PMI, Microsoft, VMWare, Teradata. It then provides the recruiters a way to verify the certification specific information of potential hires.

“What’s in it for me?”

Any PMI certification is a validation of the knowledge and experience you possess to do excel at your job. This gives you an edge over other candidates of similar profile that do not have the certification.

However, your credentials need to be broadcast to the right people on right platforms. And this digital badge (more if you have other PMI certifications) helps you do just that.

Recruiters get to see the stringent requirements of the certification, the skills you would have gained during the process, and the standards that the certification meets. This is a powerful marketing tool for you!

Remember, a third party endorsement works much better in your favour than you telling your recruiter about your own achievements. It helps you market yourself better.

Once you get your badge (we’ll talk about how in a sec), you can embed it in your site/blog, include it in your LinkedIn profile, send it to recruiters, and even include in your email as signature!

But it gets even better.

Now you can access real time job market insights.

With this you can see which companies are looking for people with PMP certification (and other PMI’s certifications).

PMI’s survey has already established the fact that people with PMP certification earn on an average 20% more than those without the certification. Now you can see what kind of salaries you can expect to draw for your experience and your certification(s).

This information is crucial if you are making a salary negotiation with a new employer, or at your current organization during appraisal follow-up discussions.

You’ll be able to securely and privately apply for any job that suits your profile and skills directly!

If you uploaded your resume on job sites you run the risk of your current company will know about it. But with Acclaim’s tools you can not only pinpoint the perfectly matched job profiles, but you can also apply for them directly.

You can search based on salary range, employers, job titles, job locations, and job functions.

Here’s a video that explains how to use Acclaim’s dashboard to find the ideal job you’ve been looking for –

Video: Acclaim’s tool to search for and apply job based on your profile and PMP certification

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How do I get my PMP digital badge?

You will receive your badge related email from PMI as soon as you pass your PMP exam. If you are already PMP certified, you would have received an email from PMI informing you about your badge already. If not, you should expect any day now.

Subsequently you will receive an invite from Acclaim to ‘claim’ your badge. If you don’t get in a week’s time, you can reach to

At the time of writing this article, Acclaim is still sending this notification (it has over 750,000 people to send!) If you are already a PMP you should expect to receive the notification on or before 23 June. If you don’t receive by then mail them at

The email from Acclaim will have a button to claim your badge. It will look something similar to this –

pmp digital badge pmi notification email

Image courtesy:

If this is your first badge from Acclaim, you will have to create an account with them first. Once you create it and subsequently confirm your email, you sign in and claim your badge. You can manage the options to automatically accept future certification related badges from PMI than manually claiming each.

Once you claimed your badge, you can either get html code that you embed in your site, or get a link to place in your LinkedIn profile.

You can see the badge in your profile, and if it is linked with your account, under the relevant section as below –

badge pmi profile page

Figure: Badges appear in your profile page of and

What’s next?

In today’s time layoffs have become a common practice even in developing countries. And it is all the more important that you not only get PMP certificate, but also make sure it reaches the right people in the right context.

PMI’s digital badge is one such tool that you should be able to leverage with ease.

Update: Read the concluding part of this series here, which is a pictorial guide to not just know how to claim the badge and integrate with social platforms such as LinkedIn, but also to discover your hidden professional strengths under 15 minutes!

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Good luck!

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