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shiv shenoyHi!

If you have a busy work-life, committed to get PMP credential under your belt and get ahead in career…
…you have landed on the right page.

I understand the frustration of PMP exam preparation. Pages and pages of dry subject, lost momentum due to shifting priorities at work and home, and the inability to 100% be ready for the exam could be daunting. I have been there.

You might have (like I did) started with PMBOK, went for some time then lost momentum, may be even lost a promotion opportunity that could have been possible with PMP under your belt, then jumped right back on study track only to lose it few weeks down the line – I have been there. I lost three valuable years wanting to take up PMP but not getting around to do it.

This very same frustration got me to do something to help busy professionals who could use a simple, quick and effective means to prepare for PMP and pass it on their first attempt. I put in more than 1000 hours of effort to give a publishable shape to my study notes, shared them on this blog along with tools, tips and techniques I discovered that made PMP study a breeze.

I refined what worked for me, and shared with people who were looking to clear PMP as soon as possible. I witnessed their results and realized that this indeed works.

Then I distilled these very same principles into a 11-day PMP Study Blueprint. This Blueprint along with my easy-to-digest study notes on this blog and suggested tools, tips and techniques should make YOUR PMP Study a breeze too. I am pretty confident that you should be able to clear your PMP exam in the very first attempt (my personal timeframe is 4-5 weeks of preparation, but it can vary depending on the experience level and prior knowledge) if you are able to follow what is suggested in the Blueprint.

At the same time let me tell you that this is not the only way to prepare for the PMP exam, what really works for you might be somewhat different than what is suggested in this Blueprint. That is why this is a ‘Blueprint’ 🙂 So, please feel free to make amendments as needed and do let me know how it helped. It is due to this feedback process that the blueprint is in the shape that it is in today.

This Blueprint (including 11 ebooks I am going to send you by email) and the study notes on this blog are absolutely FREE for you!

Sign up below and get a huge head-start (if you are just getting started) or much deserved boost (if you have started with PMP study already) and get your PMP at the earliest!

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