pmp exam notes carolina rivera pmpShiv, happy to share that I passed my PMP exam with Above Target result in all 5 domains. Here is my study approach as you requested. I have project management background, particularly in Lean Six Sigma and Supply Chain management related projects in the Oil industry.

The PMP trigger

I am an Industrial Engineer with 15 years of experience in the Oil industry. I hold both a Bachelor and a Master degree in Industrial Engineer, graduating my Masters in Industrial Engineer in 2006 from the University of Houston in Texas. I work in Category Management in the Houston, Texas.

I wanted to earn PMP certification to enhance my career, open the door to new opportunities, and also formally document the experience in Project Management that I have gained so far.

This certification is also very well respected in the industry. An ideal professional certification to get for every project manager.

My study resources

I figured that having too many resources will only slow down the pace of my exam preparation. After some research and discussions with other PMPs, I decided on these 3 primary resources –

I took PMI’s 35 hours course from the PMI Houston chapter, back in February of 2017.

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This was a very good course that provided me also with the PMBOK 5th edition and Crosswind Learning System material. Due to work and family commitments, it was really difficult for me to take the exam shortly after taking the course. [click to continue…]

4-point pmp study plan annu gupta pmpI passed my PMP exam on my second attempt last week, and I’m proud to say that I achieved “Above Target” in all the domains. In this short article I am giving out the 4-point PMP study plan that I used to prepare for the exam.

I work as Senior Consultant in SAP-BI/BW in Bangalore/Mumbai having 10 years of experience in Software industry.

It took me exactly 9 months to achieve my goal.

And as it happens with most of us, work priorities did come in the way of my studies. This meant that I veered off the study track few times, but my experience with first attempt guided me to get back on track and march on.

annu gupta pmpIf this happens to you and you lose track of your study due to higher priority tasks, just know that it is okay. Don’t be hard on yourself, just shake off the feeling and continue with your studies.

1. Pick limited number of study aids.

Too many cooks spoil the broth. Too many study resources will waste time and make the whole studying exercise inefficient. Spend time researching your options on the internet but then limit to top 2-3 that you need.

And then stick with them.

Here are my top resources.

PMBOK 5th Edition – I just followed it cover to cover twice.

Rita Mulcahy’s book – I skimmed it twice but my only focus was on PMBOK right from the beginning

Sean Whitaker’s book (easy) – I’d focus more on the relationship between processes, the purpose of specific documents, and the flow of ITTOs.

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annu gupta above target pmp result

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guide to pmp sunober

By the grace of God, I cleared my PMP on my first attempt and Whoa, it was one of its kind – not in terms of difficulty but in terms of staying focused for 4 hours straight.

In my opinion, the level of difficulty depends on how much time you put in, while grasping the concepts. What this exam does for sure is to test your ability on understanding the concepts and applying them for a given situation (that’s why using Simulators increases odds of PMP success).

sunober cooper pmpI’m sure you realize that each PMP certified professional has a story to their achievement and here’s mine. I hope you’ll be able to take something out of this and apply in your own PMP preparation plan.

Objective: How did the thought of PMP come by?

In all honesty, I had no plans to do PMP but when I appeared for an interview at my current workplace.

I was told by my lead that they needed certified Project Managers and if I would be asked to do PMP after being hired, would I be comfortable doing it.

Ta da! That rang the bell and I decided to upgrade my knowledge.

After that, my direct reporting and mentor, being a PMP & PMI-ACP certified professional himself, proved at each instance how important this certification was, not just by his knowledge & wit but by his skills par excellence, to handle any and every problem easily. I learned a great deal from him and was truly inspired and determined to achieve this certification to enhance my knowledge and skills.

I’m going to share with you my strategies and tips to pass PMP exam using the same 5 Process Groups that we study for the exam. 🙂

Let’s get started!

Initiating: First Step towards achieving the PMP goal

I registered myself with a local institute (AUC Technologies) and attended sessions to earn my 35 PDUs and all other resources, which was the starting point.

Since most of us pursue PMP studies with a full-time job it is very difficult to strike a perfect balance between work and personal life, and I was no exception.

Being a mother of a 6-year old and a full-time working woman, it wasn’t easy to give time to studies and that too after being so far from university days.

I believe that the PMP preparation is all about momentum.

Once you lose that, it’s hard to get it back. Plus, by getting into a good study momentum you can cut down on overall study time and efforts to a large extent.

So, my first task was to tentatively decide on a deadline and then start preparing my study plan working backwards accordingly.

Thanks to PMESN blog, I came across many wonderful articles, with one emphasizing on limiting study resources to maximum two. And so I decided to stick to PMBOK 5 and RITA (one of the best study resources). [click to continue…]


pmp exam tips nikhil kalekar‘What? a perfect score!’, I remember almost shouting in my head as I started at the monitor. Last few moments seemed like eternity, till my PMP exam result was flashed on the screen. I had got Above Target in all domains. Since that day I have helped few fellow students with my PMP exam tips, and in this article I share all that I have.

My PMP journey started in 2015 when I first enrolled myself for the classroom training. I did it from a reputed management institute in Mumbai which fetched me the mandatory 35 PDUs. But after completing the training, actual preparation for PMP somehow got procrastinated till 2017.

pmp nikhil kalekarThis was my first attempt at PMP and wanted to be sure that I get through without a hitch.

It took me around three months to complete the study with the resources and methodology mentioned below.

My study resources

Once decided to be serious about studies, I realized that I hardly could remember the content that was taught in the classroom training.

Here are the study resources I used –

While I was searching for the study material, I came across Shiv’s PMExamSmartNotes and readily subscribed for his 11-day PMP Study Blueprint email course and regularly read his entire PMP study notes for free and PMP exam tips from other PMPs’ lessons learned articles.

These may seem like quite a lot of material, but believe me at the end it all helped me to pass the PMP exam in first attempt with ‘Above Target’ credentials in all five process groups.

above target score pmp

My PMP study approach and plan

I followed a particular sequence for studying and utilizing the material mentioned above.

I decided to go for one chapter at a time across all my study resources.

To illustrate an example, say for Integration Management knowledge area, [click to continue…]

pmp certification exam tips rajkumarI passed my PMP certification exam with ‘Above Target’ in all 5 process groups on my very first attempt. While this may sound hard and even impossible, here is my attempt to break down the process I followed. To be honest, I didn’t plan for all Above-Targets but sure planned to do the best I can.

Hope you’ll find some of my insights useful to include in your PMP exam preparation.

My background

I work as a Delivery Manager in Bangalore. I have more than 13 years of experience in Software industry, especially into Data warehousing & Business Intelligence area.

I heard about PMP for the first time from my client in Sweden in 2014, and decided that I should aim for it.

Thought I have been thinking about PMP since 2014, I could put in a serious effort only in about April 2017.

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Study resources I used

I enrolling for iZenbridge course and finished the course along with reading Headfirst book by the end of May.

Then I came across and went through Shiv Shenoy’s Free 11-day PMP Blueprint email course. This gave me a crisp and essential understanding of all Knowledge Areas.

And after that, owing to work pressure, I could not maintain study momentum for next two months.

I knew I had to something to get back on track.

To inject some seriousness into my studies, I went ahead booked the exam slot with Prometric. This forced me to re-draft my preparation strategy with a goal to clear PMP on the very first attempt.

My PMP certification exam prep strategy

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pmi rmp lessons learned muhamad thasveerPMI-RMP – A short journey that is worthwhile

After a year from the time I got my PMP certification, I had developed this longing to pursue any of the certification from the long list of certifications offered by PMI. I chose PMI-RMP because managing risks on project, in my view, is the best thing a project manager can learn.

pmi rmpIn the Project Management field, I couldn’t think of going for any other certification body other than PMI. PMI has cast such an everlasting influence on me post my PMP journey.

Back in 2015, by a stroke of luck I got in touch with Shiv, online. He suggested me to go for PM PrepCast for my PMP Prep. I did it and never regretted my decision. The product was perfect for me and I cleared the PMP exam with ease.

In 2017, I contacted Shiv again for his advice on PMI-RMP certification preparation.

This time he suggested to me to go for Simplilearn for the RMP Prep. Again, I readily accepted his viewpoint and didn’t regret.

I passed my PMI-RMP exam convincingly with an “Above Target” overall grade. [click to continue…]