pmp exam questions are crucial Varalakshmi realized early that the key to success is attempting sample PMP exam questions. Her systematic approach to PMP exam is worth emulating.

When I asked if she can share it with PMESN readers, she was more than willing. Do NOT miss her study tips from the last section.

Varalakshmi has over 12 years of experience in project management. She worked as a Project Engineer for project management team with BAE SYSTEMS (Defense and Aerospace). She has been a part of major license build programmes successfully building over 99 trainer aircrafts onsite.

What made you go for PMP certification?

PMP Varalakshmi KSPMP was recommended my manager while I was looking for a certification as a part of growth development section in Annual PDR (Personal Development Review), and that it would help me grow in my career.

I did look at others but chose PMP since it has a global recognition and was well suited for my work and Project management experience. I am planning for PMI-ACP as well sometime soon.

How may PMP impact your work going forward?

My approach is now more systematic and organized towards projects. I try to learn and use capabilities defined in PMI’s Talent Triangle in best way possible.

Just like a project manager keeps the Business Case for completing the projects successfully, I find myself keeping all the process groups, knowledge areas in mind and balance constraints at my work.

While I was preparing for PMP exam my job winded down with no projects. Hence I am looking for good opportunity that will help me utilize all the skills gained.

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What were your chosen study resources?

I initially started with Head First PMP then switched to Rita Mulcahy after few pages, then PMBOK of course. [continue reading…]

tips-for-pmp-exam-kristie-marcelleGetting tips for PMP exam from experienced PMPs is one of the best ways of preparing for the exam. In this post Kristie Marcelle shares the exact steps she took to pass the PMP exam after failing on her first attempt. You don’t want to miss her insights and some cool study tips.

Kristie lives in Chicago, Illinois and serves as a Project Manager for a large national Healthcare company, managing pediatric quality improvement projects across the United States. In her free time she loves to travel abroad, and she describes herself as an amateur photographer with an etsy shop on the side showcasing photographs from her travel around the globe.

How did you decide on PMP exam?

Kristie Marcelle-pmpIt was rather a slow process of thinking about pursuing my PMP.

It was more of a long-term strategy as I plan to move in the next 3 years to an area where job opportunities are more limited, so I thought having a PMP would give me an advantage at that point.

Which study resources did you use?

My primary study materials included Joseph Phillips Udemy full course, along with Udemy mock exams.

I watched some of Ricardo Vargas YouTube videos, and used Shiv’s facebook study group to answer questions/review answers.

I did a daily brain dump writing out the knowledge/process map. In addition, I reviewed ITTOs and tasks in each process.

free PMP training course: PMP launchpad

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How did you approach the exam and what was your study plan?

Overall, my study plan was 6 weeks of intensive studying with 3 hours daily during the week and 6-8 hours over the weekend.

Note – I studied much more during my first test attempt (which I failed). I took the “Work Smarter, Not Harder” mentality to heart.

I studied fewer hours, but made sure they were quality hours.

  • First, I did SWOT analysis to identify my areas of weakness and spent more time on those identified areas. I spent equal time developing strategies to address my test stamina and overall test stress since that really seemed to be a barrier during my first exam.
  • Also, I completed Joseph Phillips “homework assignments” which I found really helpful with the harder concepts (and all of the quizzes).
  • Plus, I created a 17-page study guide as I went through the course and studied it daily

Can you please tell our readers about some of the issues you faced during your PMP journey, and how did you overcome them.

I FAILED MY FIRST TEST. [continue reading…]

In my earlier message I shared the news that PMI has pushed the new PMP® exam date.

The new exam was earlier announced to be kicking in on 16 December 2019, which, as of now stands revised at 1 July 2020.

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project management role: how pmp helps get into it“With PMP® you can excel at tech project management role”, says Ponmani Tamilselvan, who aced his PMP® exam recently, he has been quite active in our LinkedIn and Facebook community – helping other PMP® students as well! I requested him to share his prep advice, which he happily obliged.

Ponmani has around 9 years of experience in software industry. He is working as Senior Designer in Visteon Corporation, and is part of management team setting up processes to support software project development teams in the organization.

1. Why PMP?

3-ponmani-tamilselvan-pmpI believe I have good management and leadership skills as I am able to guide project teams to successfully deliver time and again. However I felt the need to learn from a globally acclaimed certification to enhance my capabilities.

The necessity of standard certification program and the knowledge it helps me gain motivated me to take up PMP® certification exam.

Moreover, for most of us who started our career in technology domain, PMP® certification is a good step towards excelling in tech project management role.

2. How do you think PMP® will help?

The immediate impact I see is that now a days I am able to think of lot more probabilities and scenarios than earlier whenever I am faced with a challenging project situations.

I am sure in the long term PMP® will help me grow in my career faster than without it.

I intend to do couple of more certifications which would add lot of dynamics to my profile. This broadens my ability to contribute in  different types of projects. And I believe I can accelerate my professional growth this way.

3. Can you share the resources you used?

I started with Simplilearn online course (review here). Even though for basic understanding it was enough I realized that it will not be enough to clear the exam. I felt I might fall short.

Also, my focus was to pass PMP® on the first attempt by being 100% prepared.

So I researched little bit more. I saw many successful peoples talking about PM PrepCast, Joseph Philips courses exam sets, and Shiv Shenoy’s PMExamSmartNotes. I referred all these three resources. [continue reading…]

manage pmp exam stress edetPMP® exam stress can be hard to manage. In this post Edet Archibong shares 3 tips to avoid exam stress & a new exam perspective you might not have thought of!

Edet has over 6 years of experience working for Huawei Technologies Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) as a Quality Manager, Site Manager and Implementation Manager. His works takes him across several West African Countries. While he loves traveling, Edet has a goal of constantly learning to enhance his knowledge.

Let’s have a read..

How did you decide of taking up PMP®?

Edet Archibong PMPI have been working on various projects for 6+ years, and in each project I get to work on a different aspect of project management. I always wondered about the areas of project management that I am missing.

It became clear to me that I needed a comprehensive and all-round understanding of project management – which was possible by taking up a certification exam.

While I researched and found various options, Project Management Professional (PMP®) was one option that covered all aspects of project management.

Right from pre-initiation (business case, needs assessment etc) to all the way closing the right way. Right from collecting user requirements to managing procurement – PMP® covers it all.

My core goal has been to be able to manage any project end to end on my own.

I figured PMP® would be the one that helps me get there.

Now that you have PMP® certification, how do you think it will help you?

I believe that knowledge and action both will get us grow in our career. I have got knowledge part from my PMP® prep experience.

It would help me take more informed decisions on my projects, which would make me confident about my actions. Also, I believe PMP® helps me become a better leader.

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Tell us about the study resources you used for your exam.

[continue reading…]

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