Oluwafemi Sholotan, PMP Strategy to answer more questions on the exam

pmp-lessons-learned-oluwafemi I am super happy that I passed my PMP exam!

I was skeptical and not confident that I was prepared for the exam after initial studies with PMPBK and Rita’s PMP guide. So, I did some searching online and found Shivs PMP prep guide.
I used the exam simulator, did my corrections on missed questions, tried to understand why I missed and why the right answer was right from the explanation.

I referenced the PMBOK guide and Rita’s PMP guide when required.

I got to the exam center on time, wrote down my brain dumps, started the exam, skipped all calculation and long questions for the last as earlier recommended by Shiv.
(Note from Shiv: look for this strategy under the PMP Simulator section here).

The exam was at the same level of difficulty with exam simulator.

I was super happy when I ended my exam and got the PMP congratulation message. Shiv you are the best!

Oluwafemi Sholotan, PMP

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