Critical Area For PM: Managing Human Resources

human resources management knowledge area “The only vital value an enterprise has is the experience, skills, innovativeness and insights of its people”

– Leif Edvinsson

Human resource management is one of the crucial as well as challenging knowledge areas for the project manager.

The main benefit of team is it’s synergy. Synergy is defined as ‘two or more entities functioning together to produce a result much greater than sum total of the results produced by individual entities’. A team can produce things much greater than its people can independently produce. And the main challenge for project manager is to keep the team functioning at the top of its capabilities in order to achieve best synergy.

This is easier said than done, because dealing with people has its inherent challenges. People have moods, issues, concerns, aspirations, motivations, or plainly put – individuality. Every team member may not be capable of working in a team environment and the project manager has to ensure that such people do not alienate themselves. Knowing what motivates each team member and helping them achieve their goals is one way a project manager get people work together as a team.

But the first challenge is to get the right people on the team. That is the content of our second process.

As with other knowledge areas the first project management activity of this domain knowledge is preparing a Human resource management plan. They are –

Planning How To Manage Human Resources

– the plan contains human resource requirements, skill set, reporting hierarchies, roles and responsibilities.

Acquiring The Project Team Members

– is about various ways of acquiring the right team for the project.

Developing Team Members’ Skills (Technical and Behavioral, amongst others)

– is about developing the team in terms of providing required training to build necessary competencies, and helping team work in a synergetic way.

Managing Project Team’s Performance

– is about motivating and rewarding team, conducting performance reviews, providing feedback, resolving issues, and managing changes in the team.

Though these project management activities are shown as discrete and sequential, they often overlap in ways specific to the project environment.

Project management team is a subset of Project team. It is also called as executive team, core team or leadership team.

Let us move on to the first of the project management activity, Planning How To Manage Human Resources.

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