What People Are Saying About PMESN…

I was pleasantly surprised with my results! I scored “Above Target” in all Process Groups except Executing (“Target”).

I don’t know if I will have time to share my study plan in a detailed write-up. I will say that I consulted your notes as much as I could in the time I had, though I discovered them very late, about a month before I took the exam. Your notes give a real good high-level explanation of each Knowledge Area, preventing one from falling in the trap of not seeing the forest for the trees.

I also discovered (rather late) your own personal study plan tips, and found it impressive, the way you recommend that people work their way back from the exam date allocating sufficient time for the various phases you defined (study, mock quizzes etc.).

Thanks for all your help, and regards!

Anil Gidwani, PMP
annu gupta pmp

Shiv, thanks for the Materials online, I passed my exam last week with “Above Targets” in all Domain. Thanks a lot, your notes were helpful in last moment preparation.

Annu Gupta, PMP

Hi Shiv
Thank you for your help! I came across Pm exam smart notes early in my preparation. I used your blog to find numerous resources for study and practice tests and I bought your cheat sheet. Yesterday I scored Above Target in all areas on my first try!
Thanks again.

Nadia Andrews, PMP

Dear Shiv, I am extremely pleased to give you some feedback about my PMP achievement!
Last Friday 15-Dec I have passed the PMP exam! Many thanks for your support along this journey. Your blog was a must to keep up my motivation. The starting point was when I found “Get Your Free 11-day PMP Study Blueprint Course By Email!”

Jorge Goncalo, PMP

Hi Shiv, I have passed PMP exam yesterday with Above Target score in all process group. Thanks for your ebooks, tips and newsletters. Indeed it was really helpful!

Rajkumar S, PMP
pmexamsmartnotes.com free pmp questions

Hi Shiv, I cleared the PMP exam on 6th of this month. This was my first attempt at PMP. I hereby take the opportunity to thank you for your 11 day course and your blogs. Also, your exam questions on Facebook page were helpful.

Nikhil Kalekar, PMP

Just a Thank You for your help.
I passed the CAPM, in the above target category (just a little).
The CAPM test was more focused on having memorized the ITTOs. But I did learn a lot from you and again Thank You.

Maryann von Roth

I would like to report that I have taken the PMP exam and passed with 4 above target. The question on this learning resource has questions that are closest to the actual exam. Thank you very much for this.

Deepak Budhram, PMP

I would like to share the good news that I got my PMP Certification. Thank you very much for your support and encouragement during my preparation. I was a regular participant of your FB quiz. The lessons learnt section, PMP ACE book, and your PMP Study Blueprint email course helped me a lot during my PMP Journey.

Smita Mishra, PMP

Shiv, I am writing this to convey my special thanks & regards for helping me clear my PMP Exam with Above Target (Proficiency) in all the 5 domains.

Your instructions & suggested materials were bang on target.

Prepcast & Exam Simulator from Cornelius Fichtner, PMBOK & Shiv’s Notes (ACE Your PMP Exam) from Amazon Kindle is all anyone needs to clear the prestigious Project Management Professional Certification.

Manoj Ponnuswamy, PMP

Hi Shiv! I just wanted to let you know that I passed my CAPM certification on Saturday! Thank you for the Smart Notes! They were definitely helpful..

LaConya (James) Rains, CAPM

Shiv, I have to tell you that the book I got from Amazon is awesome. I practically am addicted to it. Even while I was at a function yesterday I was going through it. It’s an easy way to understand the concepts.

Karishma Joshi
shanthi PMP

Shiv, I passed my PMP exam today. Thanks for your ebooks and online free lessons…
Thanks for talking over Skype and providing ideas to prepare and getting ready for the exam.
All of your tips and blog info were very useful. Doing simulator exams helped a lot and increased my confidence.

Shanthi Ramakrishnan, PMP
magdalena pmp

I’ve passed my PMP Exam with the help of this blog. Thanks a lot!

Magdalena Uchman, PMP

Hi Shiv,
Just started to read your posts, feel you have done amazing work.
Post going through your posts, i believe this could substitute all the trng materials out there 🙂



Thanks Shiv! Your Notes helped me revise my understanding of PM frame work and am happy to inform you that i got my PMP certification in my first attempt.

Archana Gurumurthy, PMP

Shiv, I passed the exam today. Your site helped strengthen my foundational understanding of all concepts. Thank you!

Divya Sahadev, PMP

I had been preparing for PMP from last 3 months, while searching for the brain dumps, I came across your site and went through some articles. I like it so much that I straight away registered myself.

Your emails were informative, but the thing which helped me the most was, your suggestion to try PM Exam Simulator. That was the confidence booster.

I cleared PMP in the first attempt with 4 ‘Proficient’ and 1 ‘Moderately Proficient’ score! Your suggestions were too good…

Amit Pandey, PMP

I am glad to inform that I cleared my PMP on 20th. I went through your notes and many other which was really helpful.
Thanks for being a part of my PM journey.

Shalima Jain

Thanks. I am glad to inform that I passed my exam yesterday.. the information provided by you was very useful.

Ruchi Singh, PMP

Shiv, Your website and exam notes were a big part of my success, so thank you for that!!!

Grace Manjengwa

I have passed my exam today and I would like to Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the help you did for me on this journey.
You are doing a great job and please continue doing this.

Vignesh Kalyanasundaram

“I was really impressed with the easy to understand breakdown. Both the written explanation, diagrams, and videos were very comprehensive and easy to follow. There were no gaps in the explanation and demonstrations. Huge help to me. Thank you~”

Shannon Nickelson

visu pmp lessons learnedI’m writing this email to share my happy news that I had successfully passed my PMP certification this week with 2Ps and 3MPs.

Thanks for your support throughout my preparation journey towards this PMP certification.

Your smartnotes and book-bundle were quite helpful in my preparation.

Visuvanathan Kandanathan, PMP

I have passed my CAPM exam on the first try.
Thank you Shiv! For all your help, I used your smartnotes and all else you had available on your site, the free downloads, everything! Even this forum helped to close some of my knowledge gaps and prepare me for the exam. I still have some work to do, since my next goal is achieving the PMP as soon as I get the necessary hours. Once again thank you for all that you do and continue doing!

Mandalee Daria Mason

Thanks Shiv for this wonderful, charitable piece of service. Though I bookmarked your URL some months back, I dwelved into it only today. Voila! You are bang on with the sexy mnemonic to remember KA. Honestly, I was thinking what is the best way to remember these KA. I just read two times and I was able to recite this without looking at the site.


deanna-murrel…Your daily emails were very helpful with me passing the PMP this past Sunday..

Deanna Murrel, PMP

santhosh-kareShiv, thanks a ton for having this great Blog. Today I just ordered Kindle Editions of your book. Going through them, my first reaction ‘They are simply great’. I must say, you are a fantastic author , writer. I could connect with you from your writing / words.

Santosh Kore

I usually do not post any reviews of my PMP Kindle books from Amazon on this blog. However, this one by Dave Lorenzo for the book ‘Crack the New (2016) PMP® Exam in 4 Weeks’ is a direct and immediate feedback about the content of the book as it is applied to his PMP exam – which he passed with Proficient in all the 5 domains. So I thought it is apt to add it here. Dave wrote his feedback after buying the book as well, and you can read it here (search for reachlorenzo on the page).


dave lorenzo pmp book testimonial“Here I am 24-hours after taking my PMP® Certification Exam. I wrote a personal note to Mr Shenoy, but here’s the gist: I passed the PMP® exam on my second attempt yesterday, while achieving a “Proficient”, in all five domains.

The book was a key ingredient in my success, especially the “last mile” effort, over the last three weeks. I take great exception with the commentary of another reviewer, that any of the “good reviews” must be paid promoters. That is strange commentary, indeed. First off, I rarely review anything on Amazon. Second, I have been so busy in preparation for the Exam, that I hope you, the reader, can discern how impact-ful it must have been–to me–that I took time I did not have, and could scarcely afford to give, to comment and review. The words in my review were my words; my thoughts. NO ONE, told me to write what I wrote, then or now.

In reading the author’s own notes, I never inferred that he meant this as a definitive guide to passing the PMP. It doesn’t have all the answers, to all the questions. It is not the Rosetta Stone of all PMP knowledge. Not at all. It is a supporting guide, a tool if you will, for your toolkit. Like anything else, it’s useful in how you employ it. To another reviewer, whom mentions how Mr Shenoy over-promotes Cornelius Fichtner’s service: Well, he does that with good reason. I believe the book is a top-notch test-taking and study guide for the actual computer-based PMP® exam. Mr. Fichtner’s service (for which I gladly paid, and used extensively in my preparation) is an indispensable asset in exam prep. But, this book was indeed invaluable in MY effort and in MY process. The usefulness of the test-taking strategies in the book were evident even before I completed the exam.

On test-day, I progressed through the Exam quickly and with the utmost confidence, thanks to the book. I finished my first pass on the Exam (read all 200 questions, answered all Easy ones) at the 2h:20m mark, and progressed through my second and then final pass. I wrapped the process with 17 minutes left on my timer and I never felt super-rushed, or flustered. The strategies and advice shared in the book—well, they simply work.

To anyone who suffered through the reading of my review, thank you. I want people to know that this book helped make my successful test-day possible. Like anything else in life, take what you need and leave the rest.

To the author, I send a most heartfelt, thank you.”

About 4-Week PMP Exam Prep Kindle Book..

Shiv, I am really appreciating your study notes – I have the Prince2 certification but have been considering doing the PMP certificates as well, so thank you very much for making your excellent material available!

Ian Purdon

Hello Shiv,
I am Emeka from Nigeria, I sat for the PBT exam in my country on the 3rd September, I passed on my first try with 5 MP’s. I just want to say thank you, you made an impossible task very possible. God Bless you brother.

Emeka Ajaegbu, PMP

I passed the PMP today with help from your blog! Thank you.

Wendy R, Houston

Hey Shiv, Big big thanks, reading PMBOK after going through your notes first makes it much more sensible. It’s easier to connect the dots.

Glen Walter

I have passed PMP today. Your book on PMP formulas and PM Simulator were very helpful to understand the concepts. Thanks for your support.

Virupaxappa Satenahalli, PMP

I think your approach and tips are great for working professionals. Thanks for getting me started on the journey again after I had left midway. I seriously went through the PDF shared by you on daily basis and made my notes.[..]. Thanks for your help and the material shared by you was really useful.

Geethanjali V

The Blueprints were great! Just enough material and not overwhelming. I’m a ‘nuts and bolts’ type of fellow and am lucky to have ADHD. I was able to hyper-focus on the material and other info from your site to augment my study approach. I passed the exam this afternoon! This site was a godsend unlike some of the others I’ve found. I owe you a coffee!

Mike M, PMP

1) Very clear and concise.
2) Getting the KA everyday is a good reminder to keep on studying so, I can keep up.
3) I feel confident now to sign up for my membership & register for the exam by the end of summer.
4) It feels very refreshing to know that I’m working towards achieving my goal.
5) I’ll be signing up for the PM prepcast coz I’ve seen an overview/layout of the study materials + I can study on the go.

Tanda Tshiunza

This is very nice. I like how you can break a complex detailed project down into almost common sense buckets. Well done!

Mike H.

I stumbled about your blog and Blueprint to late and only used it as additional resource. However, I intend to spread the word and think you’re doing a great job.

Ralf Maier

I really appreciate your work. The study blueprints are very valuable.

Klaus Stake

The study materials are detailed and easy to understand, with examples making concepts more clear. Thank you.


These are really helpful notes. Instead of going through pmbok again these kinds of mini notes help a lot. I really appreciate the effort to put these materials together and thanks a lot for guiding us.

Ganga H

Your materials have simplified the PMP study areas; making it much more understandable.

Jide Ebeogu

The Study blueprint and the tips are very nice. I really enjoyed reading through them as they made the content easier to understand and remember. I saved the pdfs for future reference as well. The tips and tricks are greatly appreciated. Really thankful for your attempts to help us pursue PMP!!


Thanks for a great job. Your daily emails are an inspiration and your advice a spot on. Thanks a million for all that you do.

Jenkins Ebiware

It’s useful and considered one more resource. I am currently studying Rita’s prep book too. I have already studied your study blueprint once. I am going to study yours twice before exam. Your email and links are quite helpful. Thanks.

Zin Thant Oo

These are the best notes I have reviewed so far as i prepare to to do my PMP exam this January. I have stopped my MBA Project management to first finish my PMP Exam..[]

Githinji Mwaniki

Very handy summary of knowledge areas. The blueprint is a crunch time information to help you focus on key areas in your study. Definitely a must for every PMP student taking the exam! Thanks Shiv for your valuable effort to help us.

Ferdinand Uy
kris pmp bulgaria

Hi Shiv, I ran onto your blog just 3 weeks before my PMP exam. I honestly wasn’t studying too much because of many business trips in the meantime.
But your content and books that summarized the knowledge areas were a great help, and I wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge with general public. Great job! Today I have passed my PMP exam with all domains proficient 🙂

Best of luck and many thanks!

Kris Fillipiuk, PMP - Bulgaria

Just want to let you know that I passed the PMP exam this week  on 6/13/16 and got “Proficiency” in all Process groups. I did review all the PMP exam series concepts of all knowledge areas available in Amazon Kindle.
It is a pretty good summary of high level concepts, and helped me in strengthening my understanding. Keep up the good work!

Saravanan Baskaran, USA

I am deeply impressed with your presentation styles, which appears not only to be a good read but also pleasantly organized. This makes reading and gaining knowledge much easier and faster. I would like to introduce your web page and your effort authoring these remarkable resources to any aspiring applicant I may across in my career.

Muhammad Khan
pmesn testimonial martin pmp

Good Evening Shiv,
I want to thank you for your Smartnotes, Study Plan, general advice and positivity. I took the PMP exam last week and passed on my first try. I used your study plan, smart notes, Rita, 2 full exams, and hundreds of practice questions from both Exam Central and BestPMP.com. I studied 25 hours a week for two months and needed every minute. But I would have been remiss if I didn’t send you a shoutout and to tell all those aspiring PMP’s to listen to SHIV and do whatever he tells you to do.
Thanks so much.

Martin Cortez, PMP
pmp new year resolution

Just want to inform you that Yesterday i have cleared PMP exam in first attempt with 3MP & 2LP. I am very very happy and thankful to you for your guidance, TRUST me your SMARTNOTES which helped me in quick revision, your BLOGS, testimonials has helped me a lot in making strategies for studying..[]..Shiv thanks once again & I appreciate you for your excellent work.

Avinash Bajaj, PMP

Hello Shiv, wanted to inform you that I have cleared PMP today. You have been a great help to me in my preparation. The notes helped me to put a plan in place and the fb group questions helped to understand the different views and gaps in my preparation. Once again thank you.

Mugdha Naidu

dave lorenzo pmp book testimonialShiv, I just want to send a note of Thanks, for the support and advice as I sought to acquire my certification.
I passed the exam on my second attempt, yesterday, March 6, 2016, while achieving a “Proficient”, in all five domains.
Your book was a key ingredient in my success.
The process and battle to study and successfully learn the material—not rote memorization, but to truly UNDERSTAND it—was challenging. However, the test-taking skills and tips in your book were nothing short of phenomenal; they made all the difference.
On test-day, I progressed through the Exam quickly and with the utmost confidence, thanks to your book. I finished my first pass on the Exam (read all 200 questions, answered all Easy ones) at the 2h:20m mark. I wrapped the test with 17 minutes to go and I never felt super-rushed, or flustered.
The strategies and advice shared in your book—well, they simply work. The PMP certification is not the end of the line; it is a step in furthering my skills and the strength of my abilities and contributions as a Project Management Professional.
I want you to know that you helped make it all possible and I send a most heartfelt, thank you.

Dave Lorenzo, PMP
pmp nikhil targeri

Hi Shiv,
I passed my PMP exam on my first attempt using PMBOK and your notes. I believe this was about Preparation (65% – PMBOK and your notes), Industry background (10% – the background doesn’t help on the exam, but it helps you to prepare for the examination!) and lastly, common sense (25% – common sense helps you on the exam – while it’s hard to get like for like questions from study guides on the exam, keeping a cool head and thinking rationally can help). I scored Proficient in all Process groups!
Thanks Shiv!

Nikhil Talgeri, PMP
gaurav kerney pmp

Hi Shiv,
I passed PMP today. Thank you for your blog and support. Resources and guidance provided by you were really helpful.
Thank you!

pradyumna pangarkar pmp

I am really happy to let you know that I cleared my PMP exam yesterday. I got 4P (Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling) and MP in Closing process area. I sincerely wanted to thank you for all the help you have provided which enabled me to learn and crack the exam in 3 weeks. Your summary notes for each Knowledge Area and overall tips including brain dump were really useful. Once again thanks for the help and keep up the great work!

Pradyumna Pangarkar, PMP

I am glad to inform you that I have cleared my PMP in last week of December. I am really thankful to you for your guidance and support. I used to read your articles and blogs on a daily basis… This has really [helped] me to plan my strategy and use the right resources for the exam.
Many Many Thanks again.

Rohan Thombare, PMP

Hi Shiv,

pmp-lessons-learned-debistuti…I just want to thank you  from the bottom of my heart for helping me out with my PMP preparation and trust me your blog and website is a great resource in achieving success in PMP exam. I  passed my exam today[]. What a great way to wind up the my year and welcome new year. I got 2Ps, 3MPs.
Kudos to you for doing such a noble task of helping the busy professionals like me to crack such complex exam,I would say complex …….. due to the massive crunch of preparation  time for the exam due to my hectic schedule.This is the reason why I could not delay for a day to express my gratitude.
Keep up the good work! A BIG thanks once again.

Debistuti Banerjea, PMP
pmp nihar mishra

Thank you Shiv, your inputs were excellent and the notes were brilliant..
I cleared my PMP today in first attempt and I am all happy…thank you for the help!!

Nihar Mishra, PMP - USA

Shiv, I want to offer my sincere thanks to you and your network of successful PMP exam takers who offered their insights on getting through this tricky exam.
What I like about you is your genuine interest in helping others in passing this exam. I haven’t come across very many professionals like that. So kudos to you and I hope you will be able to continue your efforts in this endeavor.

Suri Raman, PMP

Dear Shiv,
I am just delighted to inform you that I passed exam PMP a while ago..scored 3P
I hereby extend my wholehearted thanks to you. You played a vital role in my journey. Awesome !
All the very best for your excellent services..

Mohammed Thasveer, PMP
kara bell pmp

Hello Shiv, I sat for the exam today and passed! I received Proficient in Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Moderately Proficient in the other domains.
I just wanted to say that your materials were definitely a help in my preparation and I truly appreciate your work helping people in this effort.
Thank you!

Kara Bell, PMP - Greater Minneapolis, USA

Shiv, thanks for bringing me through the last mile. You came into my life at the best point. As I saw ‘congratulations’ I could see you cheering me at the finish line.
BTW: when I hit the wall (mind went blank and muscles tense), you were there in mind, “come on Lori you can do this!”

Lorinda B - Indiana, US

Shiv, just for let u know, I passed the PMP exam today, thanks for all your help!

Davor Sedlan, PMP - Croatia
PMP- PMESN Ayman Haidar

Dear Shiv,
I am please to inform you that I passed my PMP exam today, Thanks to your study notes and the PM PrepCast of Cornelius and other resources.

Ayman Haidar, PMP - Saudi Arabia

 I’m grateful for your Facebook page so that I keep PMBOK stuff on my mind as I browse FB!

Tony Clifton

Hi Shiv,
I just found your site today and now I am obsessed! …

Michal Allen - Atlanta, US

pmesn testimonialI want to thank you for helping PMP aspirants. Your blueprint notes are very helpful in understanding the basic concepts of every knowledge area.
It’s very well written and I think in the easiest possible way. […] Thank you so much again for helping PMP aspirants like me.

Nikhil Pandita

Hi Shiv,

I am glad to inform you that I have cleared my PMP Certification on 15th July 2015! I would like to thank you for the help and support provided by you in the shape of Daily emails with one topic discussed everyday and the free access to the Simulator. […] I surely will recommend your Blog and methodology to my colleagues.
Many Thanks again.

Kamal Sharma, PMP

prakash pmesn testimonialShiv, your smartnotes are fantastic, clearing some of the complex & confusing PMP concepts at root level with ease. Seeing your contents, work methodology & standards I must say –

Shiv works from heart, with brain at command!

Prakash Tulsiani

tufail pmp exam simulatorHi Shiv,

First all many thanks for the support and exam planning Skype session we had on with you.
I have cleared my PMP successfully today.
Its was really great journey, from last 1 year was trying to write the exam, and the confidence level was very low that even to schedule date I was afraid.
I had information overload and was unable to decided what to study and what to leave – finally I saw your blog and I contacted you.
The talk I had with you gave me confidence and your suggestion to use PMP Exam Simulator really help me lot. I started to take mock tests in that and slowly got my confidence.
Your bonus books, especially the one on PMP formulas, and other material were really helpful.
Once again thanks a lot Shiv for guiding me to get these 3 letters after my name – PMP
Tufail Ahmed, PMP

Tufail Ahmed, Bangalore

Hi Shiv,
Yesterday I have taken PMP exam and passed it!
I am very happy to share this moment with you. To be honest with you, the exam paper is not so easy and very much theory based questions where we have to read the question fully and understand it and then only answer it.
Once again I thank you for your support and materials provided which are quite useful to pass the exam.

Ravi Kiran Repaka

Hurray!! Hurrayy http://www.pmexamsmartnotes.com/.
Shiv, you are the BEST
I passed the pmp exam on my first try. Thank you very much for your coaching.
I appreciate the time you took to reply to all “my anxiety”.

The use of your “smart notes” and PM PrepCast video speed up my preparation and made me more confident.
Thanks once more.

Hafsa Anwar, Cameroun

Hi Shiv… I can’t express in words how pleasant I felt when I reached your blog site after navigating through tens of similar CAPM/PMP prep sites. It was like a breeeeeeze of fresh air. Everything about your site is just wonderful- the lay out, content, presentation, tricks & techniques, brain maps… really everything. I’m in love with this site:-)

Pankaj Dwivedi, India

Hi Shiv,
I have passed my PMP with 5Ps on 28th January 2015. Thanks for all your help for my PMP preparation.
Please find my Lesson Learned in the below link.

Arumugam P, Bangalore India

Shiv, I have found your site the most helpful of all. Thank you so much for putting it together and sharing it. I know it must have been a huge endeavor. I have spent countless hours on your site, and it has been great… There was nothing like the very clear and understandable information you posted online. What you offered is very unique, and I greatly appreciate you making it available to the public.

Tina C, Boston United States

Thank you very much for letting us use your article. You are one of only a few partners we selected because we love how you are supporting not only OSP International, but also aspiring PMPs.

Thank you also for the kind words – Cornelius, myself and the entire OSP International staff really appreciate it.

Kevin Reilly, PMP (Co-author with Cornelius Fichtner)

Just wanted to share to you that I have cleared my PMP exam on Dec 18. Your guidance in this journey was extremely useful, especially the blog which you wrote and the materials you shared it free with aspiring PMP candidates …, which was very useful for me to revise. I enjoyed the material where you beautifully mentioned your experiences which made us know what to practice and what not to practice, for the exam. I would recommend the blog written by you to every aspiring candidates, which am sure will help them to achieve the global credential.
Many thanks Shiv.

Swagat Vaidyanathan, India
Rafiq PMP Lessons Learned

Hi Shiv,

Last week, I had cleared my PMP exam at first attempt and I must mention here that your inputs, guidance & blog content were helpful in preparing for exams.

I followed your suggestions & hints provided in your blog study materials. The eBooks which i had purchased from you (formula Guide, Sample questions set) made few of my concepts quite clear & as well made me confident on calculation related questions.

Your notes gave a good framework in preparing my PMP study plan.

I am really thankful to you for your guidance & its kind of you that you gave so much material for study in Freemium.

Mahammad Rafiq - Bangalore, India
pmesn testimonial

Hi Shiv,
I cleared PMP exam last week and I must mention here that your study blueprints played a key role in preparing for PMP.
I followed almost all the suggestions you provided. Your study notes were the inputs to my preparations. I used the Xmind tool and prepared my study schedule and stuck to it.
Your notes actually created interest in study. I am really thankful to you for your guidance.

Madhuri S, India
pmesn testimonials

In my experience, Shiv’s straight-forward advice was priceless.  His study notes were organized in such a way that simplified studying, making it much less dreadful, and his humor provided much welcomed laughter during the long study nights.

I had taken his advice in purchasing PMPrepCast to test drive the PM Test Simulator and only wished I had signed up much sooner.  1,800 sample test questions, all automated with tracked test scores really gives you a good feel for where you are in understanding the material, and oh what an ecstatic feeling you get when you achieve scores in the 80-90 percentiles in practice quizzes and exams.

Merry Nguyen, US

While there are some connections back to Mr. Fichtner’s work, Shiv Shenoy’s PM Exam Smart Notes takes project management even further in his practical and extremely well laid out materials. The concepts are more briefly explained with understandable examples. I also found Mr. Shenoy on Facebook and Twitter, and also enjoyed the sample exam questions.

Russell Maynard, http://maynardonline.net
pmp last mile prep

Hi Shiv, Just thought I’ll let you know I passed my PMP exam yesterday and I had purchased your bundle of ebooks, which were quite helpful in my preparation.

I used the exam taking notes you mentioned and used the same strategy for exam coverage and it helped me save valuable time and did not attempt to second guess my answers, I ended up with Moderately Proficient in all five knowledge areas.

Thanks Once Again!

David C, Toronto

Hi Shiv,
I cleared the exam today with 5 Ps. Thanks for your formula guide it worked really well for me.

Arun Kumar Pasuparthi

I obtained my PMP accreditation yesterday, all thanks to your tips and study material.

I felt that it was in order that I thanked you. You are doing a really good job. Looking forward to interacting you more in my profession endeavor as a PM.

Kagiso Bafentse, Botswana

Well, with your ________.. I completed PMP last week.  Your tips & tricks, and lessons were very helpful.

Ramesh Kasthurirangan, Chennai
PMP testimonial

Hello Shiv,
Its so amazing that you do all that you do to support PMP aspirants. Well done and keep up the good work.
Many thanks for your help, support and encouragement, especially with getting my PMP exam application sorted. For me, it was like passing one exam before the real exam. Lol!
Many thanks for your free materials I got as a bonus for buying the pmprepcast through your blog, and also for the various explanation to the ‘boring’ PMBOK…I wrote the PBT examination on the 20th of September and last week Friday-October 10th, I got that ‘Congratulations….’ mail. Its so great to be on this other side of the divide…I’m glad I passed on first try and I am extremely grateful to you. Especially for that your book on PMP exam types.
Many thanks for your support..
Yayyyyyy! I’m a PMP!

Funmilola James, Nigeria

Hi Shiv,

So many thanks to help all of us going through the PMP exam!
It really helps me to focus on the right aspects of the exam and I am infinitely grateful about what you have done.

Mireille A - Montreal, Canada

Shiv, thanks a lot for your support… Passed My PMP exam yesterday on my First attempt 🙂 Thank you.. Really you’ve shown the correct path to reach PMP.. I have used PMPrepCast and your amazing notes. I would recommend your notes and PMprepcast to everyone.

Mariappan B - Chennai, India

This is very nice. I like how you can break a complex detailed project down into almost common sense buckets. Well done!

Michael H - Greater Milwaukee Area

I really like the daily Facebook question, I really like the decks, you’ve put a lot of time into them and they are easy to understand. Thank you!

Cathleen H - Greenbay, Wisconsin

1) Very clear and concise.

2) Getting the KA everyday is a good reminder to keep on studying so, I can keep up.

3) I feel confident now to sign up for my membership & register for the exam by the end of summer.

4) It feels very refreshing to know that I’m working towards achieving my goal.

5) I’ll be signing up for the PM prepcast coz I’ve seen an overview/layout of the study materials + I can study on the go.

Tanda T. - Sacremento, CA

The Blueprints were great! Just enough material and not overwhelming. I’m a ‘nuts and bolts’ type of fellow and am lucky to have ADHD. I was able to hyper-focus on the material and other info from your site to augment my study approach. I passed the exam this afternoon!!!!!!!

This site was a godsend unlike some of the others I’ve found. I owe you a coffee!


Mike M. - Houston, Texas
pm prepcast discount

Hi Shiv, I find your notes and material very very helpful. It is always a pleasure to find study material which is so clearly organised. I also joined the Facebook community and think the same. Wish I had found all these earlier!!!!
Be sure I will recommend it to my colleagues studying for the PMP certification.

Amaya Castañeda - Madrid, Spain

Good Site from all other sites its proactive and keep us focus on our Goal (PMP certification)!

Syed Tufail Ahmed

Your notes helped me a lot especially in the beginning when I started my studies. It is easy for me to have a good head start in understanding each topic. I had passed my PMP on 15 April ☺️

Do keep up with the good work!

Brenda Loo

Mr. Shiv – Just cleared the PMP Exam.  Thank you so much for your PMP lessons, your test question ebooks and pointing me to The Exam Simulator. I could not have passed without your help.

Wes W. - Greater New Orleans

Hi Shiv, I used your notes as one of my reference study. I am happy to inform you that I successfully completed my PMP certification on my first attempt, your notes is a good reason for that. Thank you so much.

Nagesh G

Just wish to inform you that I just passed my PMP exam today some time back. Thank you for all your help. I will have your blog recommendation on my lessons learned. 🙂

Ashwin K - Mumbai

Your guide is exactly what I’ve been looking for. It’s actually a road-map to PMP. Thank you so much. I look forward to the ebooks. And I feel more confident about being a PMP. Before, I was not clear about the requirements. I have a BS in Computer science and over 6 years of PM experience.

So I wasn’t sure if I should register for PMP or CAPM, but your guide has given me confidence to become a PMP instead.

Tanda T

Shiv Shenoy’s PMExamSmartnotes is an excellent resource for preparing for the PMP Certification Exam. He did an excellent and professional job in distilling the voluminous information in PMBOK guide into easily understandable and manageable format.

His notes provided me with an overview of each knowledge area that oriented me to go in depth with the PMBOK guide, which was otherwise formidable.

His study strategies come packed with energy that jolts one from inertia. A STRONG recommendation!

Vasantha Reddi - Charlottesville, Virginia

Awesome articles, very useful and helpful. The information you are sharing is very valuable and cuts down the time in understanding the subject.

It is very clear and helps me to grasp the subject better.

Raj Govind - Greater Memphis Area
lalit sharma pmp

I have cleared my PMP exam yesterday. PMPExamSmartNotes helps to clear gaps that is not in the text book.

Lalit Sharma

Few weeks ago, I started to study PMP Exam Prep with some Professional books. Additionally, I registered on this website and using PMESN Blueprint docs (very good short examples, for instance) and with some discussions with Shiv directly, I’ve got more confidence and was able to pass my PMP certification on the first try Friday 21st Feb, 2014.

So, I’d like to thank Shiv for all his efforts and the help he gave me. This was helpful and I know that Shiv will continue to help people pass their exams.

Michel Ajac - Geneva, Switzerland

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