pmp success arun sharmaI passed my PMP exam! Leveraging the study momentum, I passed my PMP-RMP exam as well! It wasn’t easy by any stretch of imagination, but I learned my mantra for PMP success after the first attempt.

Here’s how it went for me.

I wanted to take PMP exam first after getting to know about it from a colleague. Also, I was working on a critical project for my organization and I thought that the experience and knowledge would certainly help me to prepare well for my exam.

My PMP study resources

I had a pretty simple plan. [click to continue…]

pmp lessons learned kalaveer pmp

Shiv, here’s my short and sweet PMP exam preparation steps and tips.

My study resources

kalaveer pmpHere is exactly what I followed while preparing.

1. Started with Rita Mulcahy, would finish the book 1st round in one and half month.
From then skimmed through the book once every 10 days.

2. then solved HeadFirst Chapter wise questions.

3. then took HeadFirst two hundred questions challenge (click and save)  and scored about 83%.

4. Thoroughly analyzed gaps in my knowledge and focused on few areas where I answered questions incorrectly. Referred to PMBOK whenever I was in need of more information (though I don’t recommend reading PMBOK for exam point of view).

5. Then again took another test challenge of 175 Q from Oliver Lehmann (downloadable) scored 76% , after this took 75 Q challenge from Oliver Lehman (online) which were little tougher than normal for me (could score 70%), at last took Simplilearn Free PMP® Mock Exam.

That’s it, I was ready to rock.

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That’s it!

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pmp certification mike onuorahThis is my journey from being a DBA to reaching my goal of getting PMP certification.

I started my career as a Database Administrator in 2004, and my vision was to offer the best database support services to my clients.

mike onuorah pmpI was teaching students at APTECH how to manage data and operating systems during my busy work days and during my free days, I was deploying and managing databases for clients.

One day, I got a call from a student who referred me to a database deployment work. I was asked to be a member of the project. I agreed to take the project and I was taken aback when I was asked to attend the project kickoff meeting and I was introduced to the project manager.

Initially, I was very excited and I felt honored to be involved in the project planning process, but as the project progressed, I became angry and disillusioned because I was asked to write daily and weekly reports.

The decision to take up my PMP certification

I remember telling the project manager that my duty was to setup the database and leave, but the project manager would always paint the big picture of how everybody’s input was required for us to have a successful deployment.

The project manager demonstrated so much leadership that made me ask him how he acquired the skills and ability to manage and lead people in the midst of all these activities.

His response to my question: Project Management.

I eventually made a decision to become a certified project manager.

However, I got stuck in the world of work from 2007 till December 2015 when I decided to enroll for the PMP training at JK Michael training center, in Lagos Nigeria.

Attending this training, brought memories of every project I had embarked upon. I was excited to learn a whole lot ranging from schedule management, time management, cost management and my best knowledge area which is stakeholder management. I found that knowledge of your stakeholder strongly determines whether your project will be succeed or fail.

After the training in December, I joined the PMI and scheduled my exam in April, believing that I could prepare in 4 months.

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Blockers I had to get past

However, my dilemma started when I wanted to read every resource I found online about project management. I joined a dozen blogs who shoved project management resources down my brain.

PMP Prep Lesson #1 – Choose your study resources before you plan your study.

Work didn’t make it any easy for me, as I was working with the IBM DB2 Lab services team. Weekend study was impossible, because my wife just had another baby boy and I had to help and support the project of taking care of the baby.

However in January, I settled down to dedicated study using the PMBOK guide and Rita Mulcahy Eighth edition.

As I did, I saw a challenge, the PMBOK lays out its fact about project management in knowledge area format, Rita writes her book about project management in knowledge area format, but the questions that I was reviewing were based on the 5 process groups and 47 processes.

So my true challenge was how to create that link between the 5 Process Groups, 47 Processes, and 10 Knowledge Areas.

I couldn’t achieve that by April 2016, so after attempting the PMP exam, I failed the exam woefully. I got only 1MP in closing and 4BP in the other process groups.

Preparation for the second attempt

This experience really discouraged me and I stopped studying for the PMP till in November 2016, when I was sent an email about the expiration of my eligibility period. So I enrolled again for another PMP training.

As I studied again, it became clearer that the only way for me to pass the exam was to draft my own customized reading plan based on my studying capabilities, so I undertook a VARK Assessment.

The VARK Assessment revealed that ‘’I was a multi-modal learner, meaning that I was a visual learner who learned by watching videos, liked to read and take notes, but I don’t trust what I have learnt until I tested out my theories.’’

With this information from the VARK assessment, I built my study timetable which I have attached here as well for your study.

PMP Prep Lesson #2 – Identify your learning style and then choose your study resources accordingly.

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My study plan required me to study by watching videos, reading and taking notes, and building practical scenarios of how a project should be managed.

During my searchfor videos on YouTube, I stumbled on two key personalities that made my PMP journey the best experience, I ever had. [click to continue…]

pmp mock tests smita mishra pmp

After 4 months of hard work, I reached my goal in achieving PMP certification! It was my mission to fulfill my dream. Having achieved this, I am now putting the same zeal into finding a suitable job for myself to make a career as a Project Manager. Right off the bat, I must emphasize that PMP mock tests were most crucial part of my PMP prep.

In this article I am going to share everything that helped me achieve my PMP credential. Hope this helps certification aspirants.pmp smita mishra

PMP success factor

In my view PMP was not possible without certain support groups.

I am very grateful to God, my family, my mentor Vidyesh Alve, (PMP, PRINCE2), my association with PMESN platform, WinningPMPlan WhatsApp group, ‘I want to be a PMP’ LinkedIn group and friends for their blessings and continuous support during my 2nd attempt. 

I didn’t have a PMP friend circle with whom I could discuss my queries.  This group was my study support circle, Here, each question and the discussions around it helped as knowledge enhancement and motivation factor for me. I was free to ask any type of silly questions too.

The globalization of PMP certification and the availability of the specialized courses offered me a chance to enhance my knowledge.

PMP Lessons Learned

Based on my analysis and exam prep experience, here is a 6-step PMP plan.

  1. Analyze yourself
  2. Freeze your top study resources
  3. Make-Own study strategy
  4. Fix your exam date
  5. Practice a boatload of mock tests
  6. Be calm on the D-day

Let me briefly explain how each of these steps work.

Step 1: Analyze yourself

The very first question to ask is, “What is my learning Style?”

People have different styles of learning when it comes to studying difficult concepts.

Some enjoy Visual Learning aids – videos, graphical pictures like Data Flow Diagram (you’ll find this after each process in PMBOK), Mind Maps etc.

Some enjoy auditory learning aids – Listening podcast or any audio recordings.

Few others are fond of immersive, read/write learning. Reading from books, preparing the notes etc. Few may even have a preference between printed books versus e-books.

Knowing which type of study style you enjoy will help you a great deal. 

This was one of the major mistakes I committed during my first attempt. I started reading from a digital copy of books but later realized that I should have stuck to my old habit of reading from a physical book to speed up my study process.

Analyze yourself and stick to your learning style; afterall every individual is different, so is their learning style. [click to continue…]

pmp study plan megha dubeyShiv, I passed my PMP exam! While I feel that it is important to make one’s own PMP study plan, I’m sharing mine here with the hope that it may provide some insights.

The seed

megha dubey pmpMy day-to-day responsibilities at work had recently culminated into managing multiple end-to-end projects. I thought that taking a PMP certification would not only strengthen my resume but also provide me with opportunities to implement my newly learnt skills in real time.

This was a huge motivation for me to take up PMP exam.

Study resources I used

I had attended a week-long in-class training session in 2014. After successful completion of that training, I started with Head First PMP – one of the most lucid books for beginners that helped me understand the basic concepts.

Next, I read the PMBOK twice and followed Shiv’s PMP smart-notes simultaneously.

I am of a very strong opinion that it is of extremely importance that a PMP student invests in a good exam simulator for test preparation. I used PMP-Simulator for preparing for the real exam.

A simulator not just gives you a trial run of the PMP exam, it also helps you come up with a strategy or plan to cover 200 questions well within the stipulated 4 hours.

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This is PMP study plan I used

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